New Year, Reflections, 2016

2016 Is My Mango Tree.

Dear Snipper,
I am wishing you a genuinely happy New Year. Go pick those mangoes, I hear that they get sweeter and juicier the longer they stay up there, so don’t worry when you don’t get there sooner than you wanted. And whatever the state, keep trying until you get the sweetest of them all, because you deserve it. I love that you’ve been with me through 2015, 2016 just gets better. Be blessed.

Richard Branson, The Virgin Way

Book Review: The Virgin Way by Richard Branson.

First, thank God that Mr. Branson was daring enough to call it Virgin and not Slipped Disc, because how would that even have worked? Considering he is such a serial entrepreneur and all his businesses would carry the name – Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Money, Virgin Hotels, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Active – you see…

Believe in Yourself

What Does It Take to Believe in Yourself?

The other day I was just having these thoughts around what we attach our self-worth to. That must’ve probably been after watching Being Mary Jane and coming across this quote, ‘net worth is not equal to self-worth.’ And though I can’t remember at what point it was used, it’s something we tend to generally throw…

Story, Life Lessons

Who’s Telling Your Story?

This week has been an interesting one, even though nothing spectacular happened. I however think I’ve learnt such a big lesson from someone who doesn’t even have the slightest idea that I actually learnt something from them. And it stemmed out of them just owning their story and being very willing to tell it to…

Wok, Wedding Present

The Gift of the Wok.

Nothing accommodates laziness better than the Wok. But also, nothing displays your inner chef better than the Wok. Though I think it was meant for the former, because of its ability to hold everything, mix it up in there and in the end get some finger licking product. It’s simply impressive. We received this Wok…