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TGIF *Thank God For Sure*

Thank God It’s Friday:

Oh yeah, Thank the guy up there (God) that today is Friday. For taking care of us and seeing us through this week, 5 days is not a joke. Find some time to say thank you to God and to anyone who’s made your week bearable … it’s always those small things that make the whole difference..right?

I’m Feeling

Ecstatic – Giggly, twittery (it’s actually a word), chuckly !

I’m Excited

That after all the struggle…which was all worth it …(ps: I didn’t have the same thought 48hrs ago, I was actually thinking this life is too hard, and being grown up is just a pain in the a**) I finally got myself a small house, just the way I wanted it. So again me thanks God big time and the people who helped out in any way, because in the end it all contributed in one or another.

Looking Forward to:

A road trip to Luhya Land on the weekend. how I had longed for one. YAAAY!!! *Excitoz*

Finally start budgeting and planning bleh bleh bleh, all those responsibilities that come with staying solo [don’t hate, don’t tell me how hard it is…searching for the house was bad enough…then paying the rent…*sigh* furnishing…wololo, i’m sure with time i’ll manage…seeing as am not in a hurry to move out of my folks nest.]

haha it’s kinda amazing the look on my folks face when they realize am actually growing up, but to them they are stuck on how am still a baby…you’ve gotta love them.

Theme Song of the Week

Ummmm!! I’m in this lovely mood and I’m seriously missing my baby sister (Clara I miss you, can you close school fast!)

So in that case, I’m in a ROCK mood… And Paramore – Riot  gets the *Kawi Cup*!

I’m Craving

I haven’t eaten chicken since I vowed not to for a month or two. The reason is my beloved friends started telling me how chicken is injected with hormones and that they could be detrimental in future…who wants to hear that , I wanna have normal brilliant kids in future so bye bye hormonal chicken.

But now I’m going to Luhya Land … home of Normal aka Kienyeji Chicken :)))))  I’m soooo excited. I’ll eat ALOT of kieyenji chicken while I can, as much as my small tummy can handle.

I want and I wish

That what I’m praying for and wishing for comes to be. Amen to that!

I pray

For all my family, friends and loved ones to be blessed abundantly (by God).


“Better a Has-been than a Never-was. But better a Never-was than a Never-tried-to-be.” ~ Anonymous

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up” ~ Thomas Edison


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

The Inner You *Good and Evil*

Disclaimer: this is a thought based on observation, not experience hence don’t start categorizing yourself with me in thought…lol #justincase

Ok, don’t listen to your inner devil…it depends on what it’s telling you though because the good side can be the full sissy sometimes. Yeah, apparently we all have the good and evil side — and I used to wonder why we had Ethics classes in campus, now I kinda understand, still in denial though. I have always thought we can all use common sense.

So I found me asking myself *yeah I do that all the time* some questions after reading a number of articles both on the dailies and the Internet.

Do you think some people rejoice in the downfall of others…or again do you think that people rejoice in the success of others?

Do you think people are quick to respond when you have sad news or do you think people are quick to respond when you have great happy news?

Do you think people will run the opposite direction from you when you have problems or yet again do you think that people will come running towards you to help you resolve a problem?

Do you think people will talk behind your back when there are rumours or gossips being spread, or do you think that people will come and warn you about a rumor that’s on going?

Now that people have both the evil and good side…I bet sometimes one overcomes the other given certain circumstances. So most of the time you won’t get people treating you the same. There will be good people and bad people. It depends on what the inner devil or inner angel tells them and which advice they decide to choose.

Note that : That the inner devil and inner angel is all you , and if you atually see them you are hallucinating. So when the inner devil speaks…that’s your evil side – the one that takes you to hell….lol, and when the inner angel speaks…that’s your good side that – the direct way to heaven.

Anyway sometimes I actually get confused as to whether there’s actually a heaven and a hell…and if one has to be a goody two shoes – only listen to your inner angel, to get God’s favor to enter heaven when you die. What’s the criteria..yeah it’s all in the bible but it’s hard to decipher as sometimes you can be doing good thinking it’s good but at the same time someone else is suffering from your good deed or better yet thinking your good deed is evil does that make any sense?

Do you ever wonder why is when you follow and obey the ten commandments and do all the right things you still end up suffering, I mean you don’t have it that easy here on earth. While another the person doing all the evil things #corruption #syndicates #conspiracy’s and so on is busy enjoying all the goodies and luxuries that life has to offer?

I would like to give life examples, I’m actually over-flooded by many but it could bring controversy’s as in the actual sense, I’m not sure of who is actually good or not…if you know what I mean. I’m not in anyones thoughts, so I can’t really judge and say that this one was doing good or bad.

Thinking of which that’s probably why it’s said, “Only God can judge” … not unless now you do some outwardly bad thing that I can see and actually judge like if you are corrupt or if you steal or kill…those are tangible…but thoughts aren’t (they’re intangible), therefore one can’t say this good person has good/evil thoughts…since we can’t see them.

Anyhow that’s my collection of lunchtime thoughts. In short, we just need to develop thick skin. Word on the street is that not everyone will like/love you..I mean Jesus wasn’t loved by everyone what’s makes you any different.

Last word, for those who love you, appreciate them, be there for them and preferably love them back. For those who don’t love you…don’t fret! embrace it, keep them on your guard and move on with life, if anything don’t bother much with them as they say:

“Remember, always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.”

HAHA did you know this so stimulating?

“You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.” ~ Eric Hoffer



Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Thee Fear Factor

This is actually from a “post” that I had done earlier but was in form of a page…but then I think it now deserves to be an actual post.

Ever been asked something like “What’s your worst fear?

Well, I have always thought of that question as “What is it that gives you the creeps, like that cold shiver running down your spine”?

It’s until now I realize what the question does not only mean, the above, but it also means “What is it that holds you back, that keeps you from exploring your potentials?” besides giving you the creeps too.

Heres a well-known acronym for fear:

F.E.A.R = False evidence appearing real ~~ Who thinks up this things?

I read somewhere the meaning of the above acronym. It means that, “even though what we’re fearful of seems very real to us, it’s usually something we’ve made up in our heads, as opposed to something we’re facing in physical form. Studies on the stress hormone cortisol (yeah that’s a word..who knew?) show that our bodies react to our thoughts regardless of what is actually in front of us.”

Hence the reason people say, that it is all in your head. Whatever it is that holds you back is all in your head…yep! Some here’s my list of things that hold me back in order of descending order:

Fear of Loss : This for me is fear of death, I wouldn’t want to imagine anyone close to me or anyone that I love dead. I actually think of them as immortal. How one overcomes that fear I don’t know.

Fear of Failure : I really hate failing (who doesn’t anyway??),  thing is if I fail I usually feel bad, like ‘you good for nothing’..ok am joking, but honestly, I do feel bad, especially if its something you’ve work hard on…then again, sometimes one has to fail to be able to learn lessons and all those important things in life or so that one can put more effort in a smart way… Life, I tell you!

Fear of Abandonment/rejection/being stranded/spontaneity : Now this one holds me back a lot, especially from trying out new or risky stuff. I like familiarity or routine. I can actually say am not that much of a risk taker…which is a very bad thing. Life is short, if anything one should be spontaneous not rigid. So that’s supposed to change soon.

My fear of Crawling animals or anything that walks in four. Haha, this is hilarious and I shall blame it on my nanny when I was a toddler because she used animals to scare me so that I can eat… oh yeah, apparently I was a very poor eater (unbelievable but yeah!) …  And for sure she instilled that fear in me.

Then I read this quote somewhere, “Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love” – Ranier Maria Rilke ~~~~~ LOL, like really? That means that when a caterpillar crawls up on you it’s just looking for acceptance, love…Never Ever. That goes for dogs and cats too…Catch me dead getting cuddly with either, I avoid them like plaque you’d think they are poisonous. Honestly, they freak the living hell-out-of me.

There some fears I hear of but I haven’t really experienced them, or I have partially, just that it doesn’t affect me much.

  • Fear of heartbreaks : I’m pretty sure there’s a fear like that, I know of some people who are so closed up to anything involving love, opposite sex, relationships bleh bleh bleh. I can bet there’s even some scientist who has come up witha name for that.
  • Fear of closed space : Claustrophobia, I have never understood this fear, I had never experienced it until recently when I was in a matatu, sitted on the middle lane, hence far from the windows, it was raining outside and all the windows were closed. The heat in the vehicle was unbearable and considering I had eaten a lot, I was feeling like I’m either going to puke or scream – one feels like they can’t breath.
  • Fear of water: Aquaphobia, I love swimming, the sea,the ocean, a tab full o water, the shower…so clearly me and water were meant to be.
  • Fear of darkness: Haha, this one always makes me laugh at myself, because it makes me imagine things like someone is following me and so on. Especially after a horror movie…wololo!

  • Fear of homosexuals: Homophobia …. oh well, I advocate for homosexuality or lesbianism, but I don’t fear them. I could comfortably live with them provided some girl doesn’t hit on me..eeeeewww!
  • Fear of injections: when I was younger I was so afraid of injections that I would be beaten before I settle down to be injected..thank God my mum is persevering and patient, because when I got sick I was a pain in the a**, same ol’ ame ol’
  • Fear of heights: I think I can manage heights..well, I get the creeps but I can tolerate, I get over it quickly. I can be daring at times *yeah right* I can never do Banju Jumping or Sky diving… I would get a heart attack…lol

Now whoever came up with that  Fear Factor reality show…When I used to watch it, I used to get disgusted and/or scared on behalf of the contestants, they used to eat and do things out of this world. But heeey, I bet the main aim behind it is that, FEAR is one of those things that you shouldn’t let rule your life, you should always be ahead of the game. \nn/

Keeping in mind that, “Your options are limited only by your fears!”

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong ~ Joseph Chilton Pearce

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*

Uncomfortable Moments *Relief*

Ever experienced a very uncomfortable/painful moment that left you wondering what normal actually feels like. I thought of this on sunday when I was in church…lol okay …ps: I was listening attentively but my mind wandered just a bit. Sometimes it’s just hard to have the full concentration for a whole 2 to 3 hrs. I bet it’s just human for the mind to veer off just a lil’bit. Then I had a conversation about it later on, and pap!! post!

Then after the uncomfy or painful moment is gone…one  feels a relief that is unfathomable. One can’t just explain how good it feels. Just to explain what I mean, here are some things that I’ve gone through and I bet 3/4 of others have too.

Shoes that are too tight/pressing/not fitting well

Ever worn new shoes that are either too tight that your toes are curling in words in order to fit,  or that are making you hurt at the back of your foot to an extent one can develop a blister. And as you walk you don’t remember how wearing a normal fitting shoe feels like. Every steps one takes makes you want to tear…sometimes you basically find yourself tip-toeing or limping. You even start looking at other people wondering whether they are experiencing the same and if not how good they must be feeling.

Now what’s the effect when you remove the shoe? RELIEF that’s on another level. You feel like you have never even worn shoes…lol and the pain just goes away, and you cannot even remember how painfully bad it felt.

A particle/eye lash/insect in the eye

This is what made me even think of this whole thing. Ever had an eyelash enter your eye. Damn than tiny piece of hair can make you feel like gorging out your eye. It’s so uncomfortable, one has too keep rubbing the eye or literally put finger in eye *disgusting* to remove the foreign body.

Your eyes can sometimes even react to the foreign body and becomes red and swollen…the look that says you’ve been smoking something illegal.

The aftermath: RELIEF that’s unbelievable, you even want to just make sure that for-sure nothing is in the eye. And all over sudden one forgets how it felt having the foreign body in your eye.

Too pressed by pee

haha ever been too pressed by pee? If you haven’t you are special and quite lucky. Because that’s not the best feeling in the world…you feel like the pipes in your body are gonna burst open. And you find yourself doing all the weirdest things such as crossing legs, bending over, jumping up and down, shaking. And trust me all those movements do help. *been there done that*

The worst is when you are about to reach the loo and the pressed-ness has reached climax…LOL #notfresh

After using the loo — there’s some level of RELIEF that cannot be described. One feels like letting out a loud *PHEW!!SIGH* actually most of  us do…just to indicate how much the relief felt.

A stomach ache/Cramps

Now this can drive you nuts…nothing beats a running stomach…waaattt! To be honest I cannot remember how it feels because it’s really bad…like MJ baaad!You feel like someone is squeezing your intestines to make some intestinal juice…yuck! At that moment you cannot recall how having a normal stomach feels like…the pain and discomfort is unbearable you can barely stand straight.

RELIEF is when the stomach feels blending/squashing/cramping feeling. Everything is intact and normal…especially the fact that you can now stand straight. And you totally forget how an aching stomach feels like. <true/false?>

A tooth ache

Ever had a tooth-ache/sensitive teeth…to be sincere I’ve never had lucky me. *Touch-Wood* but I’ve had the feeling of air passing through my teeth. How that happens I’ve got no idea. but that’s the main reason I don’t like dental floss…the few times I’ve used it, it’s made me have that airy feeling between my teeth.

It makes you forget how normal teeth feel without the air passing through/aching gum and teeth  #truestory I bet you can relate.

It’s a RELIEF when the airy feeling disappears…or when the tooth ache finally calms. Sometimes I tend to wonder how that happens. It’s an all of a sudden thing. You don’t even realize it as it goes…all of a sudden you just feel normal.

A throbbing headache

Like that action (medicine) advert, it feels like there’s someone hitting your head with a hammer over and over … when it’s in excess people call it migraines – makes you want to pull your hair off…like literally. Remember when I was in high school #form1 I had a half Indian room-mate who had one of this, and it could make her do crazy things.

But once it goes, the RELIEF is overwhelming, you wouldn’t even know the headache ever existed…one even start to imagine how the pain feels. (or I’m the only one who does that..haha)

Those are just but a few, it amazes me how quick one can forget the pain they were going through and as much as you remember the cause and how it made you feel, you can’t really remember the actual feeling unless it occurs again, then you can say “this is it”…but still explaining it to someone else can be such a task.

Still wondering if Heartaches also fall under this category?

It’s just amazing!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Friday *Musings*

Thank God It’s Friday, though I feel like I’ve had two Fridays this week. That’s Tuesday and Today. You’ve gotta love Kenya … when there’s a holiday like “Mashujaa Day” , though I have issues why they had to scrape off our traditional culture of  Moi Day and Kenyatta Day… for fairness sake they should have added Kibaki Day :) on say Oct 25th, then a Mashujaa Day on 29th that’s me wishing.

I’m thinking I would love to get such a painting for my room or house …lol #ambition minus the TGIF that is. I love how they’ve mixed all my  favorite colours in one setting and it looks amazingly hot. Now only to put that in clothing. Am sure one day I’ll get a dress with them colours mixed up…and NO not in “tie and die”.

In case, you didn’t get it, my favorite colors are : Purple, Green,. Yellow, Red, Brown ~ in that descending order..maybe respectively would be more like it..hehe

Today, oh well!

That was me right there in the morning! Only difference is that the picture is from Google Images, she’s blonde and my room is tad bit more organized #ithink . In case you are wondering i’m not leaving anything to imagination, I finally got clothes to wear…(after going through the long procedure of , select – wear – doesn’t look/feel good  – Remove – try on something else – ask mom how it looks – nice/funny – remove – then I finally settled on something). And that’s not because that’s what I really wanted to wear. It’s because I was running late and uuuum “I love my job”.

The traffic on our roads, is disheartening *is there a word like that?*, Wake up early, leave the house early … but it totally makes no difference. It’s like the universe trying to show you “Who Runs This Town” *Mocking Bird Style*. I even stopped looking at city clocks, cell clock … my wrist watch … I discovered they are the source of all my stress and frustration in the morning.

I’m feeling, Indescribable – that’s a feeling in my apparent dictionary! At least I’m not complaining. Though I’m lazy to do the whole TGIF process, getting the pics and all. Plus today I don’t know what I want, basically I’m jumbling everything up. Doing one thing, leaving it, moving to the next, leaving it…so basically I have a couple of things half-way done today and a better part of the week.

*YIKES* I searched my three names on Google … and there’s me everywhere *Don’t do what you are just about to do…lol, am sure you’re probably on Google Search right now..humans!*. I shall not ask how that’s even possible…because clearly it’s all there #mybad. Now I’m on “How I’m I removing my name from all those places?”. Putting up stringent measures *read restrictions* where necessary. But then again, that’s probably impossible, maybe I should just embrace it. *Confused* That’s just me. Why care anyway, it’s never that serious or so I think, I sooo care.

Yesternight I landed on a series called “Lipstick Jungle”, where was it all this time? Just what I needed to watch. It’s actually a nice series for anyone who likes chic flicks!

Okay before I bore you, with my so called musings…lol, let me Sign Off .

but not that fast…” QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND

I’ma do exactly that *wink* . SUPER LOVELY WEEKEND MATES!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Favorite Actresses *Starring —–*

So after our holidays in October were scrapped off — yeah, originally we had two lovely holidays in the month of October (why would they scrape that off?, Man is entitled to holidays, ain’t it?) one on the 10th (Moi day) and the other 20th(Kenyatta Day), so 10th was scrapped I insist , and 20th was converted to Mashujaa day where we celebrate the lives of the people who fought for our independence (why didn’t they place a day like 30th October for that, it would’ve be more appreciative…lol)

In essence, this kind of holidays are spent indoors, save for those who go to the same park to witness the same event only with a different name … that is, it’s the same on Madaraka day, Labour day, Promulgation day, Jamuhuri day…it’s the same EVERYTHING…only the political speeches change to suit the day and climate *read political climate*. I even stopped watching it on T.V.

So this holiday fell on a Wednesday *YAAAY*, which makes the week shorter by a day…yeah that’s quite a big deal in a working nation. And it’s in one of my thoughtful instances, I got myself wondering who are my most favorite (preferably 3) actresses. You the know the ones who if I am going to buy a DVD or watch a film and they are starring I would automatically without a second thought, either buy it or go watch it respectively.

So here goes the short list :

Disclaimer :- The reviews supporting the movies “for those who haven’t watched them” are from Wikipedia, yes, I don’t know how to review a movie so I didn’t waste time trying to…lol, the ones I’ve listed are the ones I really enjoyed.


Pretty Woman : – A romantic Comedy film, whereby the plot centers on down-on-her-luck Hollywood prostitute Vivian Ward who is hired by a wealthy businessman, Edward Lewis, to be his escort for several business and social functions, and their developing relationship over the course of Vivian’s week long stay with him.

Sleeping With the Enemy :- where she plays the role of a woman who escapes from her abusive, obsessive husband. She  then captures the attention of a kindly gentleman.

Pelican Brief :- It’s a Legal Crime Thriller, where she plays the role of a 2nd year law student, Darby Shaw and Denzel Washington as Washington Herald reporter Gray Grantham as they speculate who may have been behind some assassinations.

Erin Brockovich :- drama film which dramatizes the story of Erin Brockovich’s legal fight against the US West Coast energy corporation Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

Eat, Pray, Love :- Whereby she realizes she is not getting what she wants out of life, and, after a painful divorce, sets out on a journey of self discovery that takes her around the world – Globe Trotting and Soul Searching.

Others :- Notting Hill , Runaway Bride , Duplicity , Valentines Day, Mona Lisa Smile


Speed :- An action/thriller film where an LAPD officer, Police Officer III Jack Traven, becomes the focus of a bomber and extortionist, retired Atlanta bomb squad sergeant, Howard Payne. After Payne escapes his first entanglement with Traven, he sets up a bomb on a city bus which Traven boards and must keep moving above 50 miles per hour (80 km/h) or the bomb will explode.

Speed 2 : Cruise Control : – It is a sequel to speed. Where this time, she is trapped on the Seabourn Legend, an out-of-control luxury cruise liner whose navigation computers were reprogrammed by a computer hacker, Willem Dafoe, setting the ship on a collision course with an oil tanker.

Miss Congeniality :- A police comedy film. ( The funny part being where beauty pageant coach Victor Melling (Michael Caine) teaches the tomboyish Hart how to dress, walk, and act like a contestant.)

Miss Congeniality 2 : Armed and Fabulous :- It was a sequel to the above.

The Proposal :- Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is the executive editor in chief of a book publishing company. Her subordinates dislike her because she is pushy and cold. After learning she is about to be deported to Canada because of an expired visa, she convinces her assistant, Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), to marry her ——> (Watch it if you haven’t!) – MY 2009 FAVORITE

All About Steve :- Mary Horowitz (Sandra Bullock), a crossword puzzle writer for the “Sacramento Herald,” is socially awkward and considers her pet hamster her only true friend. Even more, Mary has two real fascinations: words and her signature red boots. Because she has never dated anyone long term, her parents decide to set her up on a blind date. —- > (Wololo watch, it’s stupidly hilarious —- Conclusion, ” If you love someone, set him free; if you have to stalk him, he probably wasn’t yours in the first place.” LOL

The Blind Side :- It’s drama sports film. —-> Recommended Watch.


Knocked up :- the film follows the repercussions of a drunken one-night stand between Rogen’s slacker character and Heigl’s just-promoted media personality that results in an unintended pregnancy.

27 Dresses :- Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) has been a bridesmaid for twenty-seven weddings. One night when she is attending two weddings almost simultaneously, she meets Kevin Doyle (James Marsden), who helps her home but disgusts her with his cynical views of marriage ——–> (Watch It!!— MY 2008 FAVORITE)

Ugly Truth :- romantic comedy film starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a morning show TV producer in Sacramento, California. Coming home from a disastrous date one night, she happens to see a segment of a local television show, “The Ugly Truth”, run by Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), whose cynicism about relationships prompts Abby to call into the show to argue with him on-air. The next day, she discovers that the station is threatening to cancel her show because of its poor ratings ———> (Watching is a necessity, It was my 2nd FAVORITE 2009)

Killers :- It’s an action comedy film starring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. The film centers on a young woman who meets a guy who turns out to be a CIA assassin. (Hilarious especially on how clueless she can be!!!)

Others I fancy or like whichever sounds better would be:

Sanaa Lathan

Brown Sugar :- This film is the story of a hip-hop record executive and a magazine editor (who have been friends since childhood) becoming more than friends despite the fact that they’re both involved in other relationships. The story is based on the song, “I Used to Love H.E.R.,” by Common, a story of how a relationship with hip hop connects to a relationship between a man and woman. ——-> CLASSIC, you’ve got to watch it!

The Best Man :- A romantic comedy-drama film , uuuum can’t describe it, but it’s MY ALL TIME FAVORITE..can repeat it over and over and over again.

Love and Basket Ball :- romantic drama film, It is the story of two next-door neighbors in Los Angeles, California who grew up loving basketball and, eventually, each other.

Others : The Family That Preys, A raisin in the sun, Something New

Queen Latifah – *YIKES* did you know she is called “Dana Elaine Owens”?

Set It Off :- action/crime/drama film, which follows four close friends in Los Angeles, California who decide to plan and execute a bank robbery. They decide to do so for different reasons, although all four want better for themselves and their families. (CLASSIC)

The Secret Life of Bees :- Watch It!

Mad Money :- comedy-crime film —-> That you should just watch.

Taxi :- It’s a HAHAHA Funny Movie #Thatsall

Others: The Cookout, Last Holiday, Just Wright

Vivica Fox  and Gabrielle Union

Soul Food :- comedy-drama film, the film centers on the trials of an extended African-American family, held together by longstanding family traditions which begin to fade as serious problems take center stage. Tillman based the family in the film on his own, and Soul Food was widely acclaimed for presenting a more positive image of African-Americans than is typically seen in Hollywood films. (MY FAVORITE CLASSIC)

Two Can Play That Game :- romantic comedy film ——> that you should watch.

Deliver Us From Eva : If you haven’t watched…Watch. The title is a play on a line of the Lord’s Prayer: “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

Others :- Daddy’s Little Girls, The Brothers

Amanda Seyfried

Mamma Mia :- musical/romantic comedy, if you like musicals…you should watch it, otherwise…hehe

Dear John : – romantic drama-war film. It follows the life of a soldier (Channing Tatum) after he falls in love with a young woman (Amanda Seyfried). They decide to exchange letters to each other after he is deployed to the war —-> (It’s Woiye Woiye *tears*)

Letter To Juliet :-romantic comedyfilm. Sophie Hall (Amanda Seyfried) is a fact checker at The New Yorker magazine who dreams of becoming a writer, but her boss, Bobby, does not share her wishes. Sophie’s fiancé, Victor (Gael García Bernal), is about to open an Italian restaurant in downtown New York. To celebrate, the two go on a “pre-honeymoon” to Verona, Italy. However, Victor is very enthusiastic about, and busy with, finding the best wines and cheeses for his restaurant and, to Sophie’s disappointment, hardly has time for her. ——-> (Watch it, it’s like a Cindarella Story *happily ever after* but it’s fun to watch.)

Hilary Burton – aka Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill (she was my favorite), she’s also featured in “White Collar series – Season 2″

To be honest, I don’t really know the lives of all this actresses outside acting. I neither follow up on their personal lives nor have any particular interest in finding out or researching, unless it’s obviously plastered everywhere on showbiz news/tabloids *macho hayana pazia, meaning, eyes have no curtains literally*. It’s how they act and the roles they are given that get the better part of me.

Their characters in the movies, especially my favorites, to some extent influence me in one way or another … but the most amazing thing about them is that how they exude bubbly-ness, how they are full of life and how they adapt to their roles – It’s all just super amazing.

When I’m sad and I watch either of their movies…it’s an automatic jump-start to a whole new happy bubbly me. Yeah, small things make me happy. They define the kind of movies I would watch because they are all about the same theme ~~ romance, comedy, drama ~~ I’m quite the chiq.

I like movies, that make me go awwwwww, or make me chuckle or laugh to rib aches or if worst come to worst makes me have balancing tears, because I’m feeling sorry for the actor/actress. This is because sometimes I tend to put myself in the place of the actress. So if a movie doesn’t make me feel that way, chances are that I’ve not enjoyed it any bit.

Well, that’s just me in a nutshell.


Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood ~ Walt Disney

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Rub Off’s *You-nique*

You know, how the human mind works is just amazing. Today as I was walking to the office, I was thinking duh, yeah I was thinking….and in my line of thought. PS: Thought in this case is where I’m having a conversation in my head with myself…yeah one talks and another responds.

And in the midst of all that, I figured a part of me is speaking the way a close friend of mine does, some particular phrases that is. That’s because before I knew the friend(s), I never used such phrases. But once I started hanging out with them there are some phrases that they use that have also caught up with me.

I mean, I would find myself reacting to a situation closely to the way they do, though in my own way since we are all different in the end. That’s weird. Not only do the phrases rub off but some of the psychological expressions. How you shrug your shoulders, or roll your eyes, or throw your hands.

Whoever came up with the proverbial saying of  “Bird’s of a feather flock together”, had probably realized this earlier than we did.

Like seriously, it happened subconsciously, and it’s after I thought out the statement, I was like, uuuummmm wait a second, WOW, that was not me right there, it does sound like someone I know. I could even picture the person saying it.

After realizing, and having a thought or two about it. It’s not everyone that rubs onto me. Human’s are choosy beings, or at-least I am…very choose to be precise. Disclaimer, before some people hate me, I’m humble too…lol

So the only way a person would rub off on me, is under the circumstances like this:

I really like the person

I find them soooooo cool

They are creative, and their style is the ish

They are unique…not just kawaida i.e like every other Tom, Dick-inson*to sound civil…lol* and Harry…. ( Question : Why do they say Tom, Dick and Harry and not some female names? )

I hang out with them very often

Their phrases and expressions totally amaze me, so I just find myself getting on with the programme…hehe

The above are a result of me first liking the person

Yeah basically, not just anything or anyone rubs off on me, as I said I am very choosy… so whatever it is that’s rubbing off, has to have totally impressed yours truly, and/or also be approved, as a habit/phrase/expression to be taken up. I think I subconsciously try it and if it looks good on me too…I join the band wagon, if not…dropped.

Maybe that’s why I never try so hard when it comes to sheng’ phrases, I just sound bad.

Am I the only one who finds people who I tend to think that they ( kind of, sort of ) think like me. Like they would do something or say something and I’m like I would have sooo done the same given a similar circumstance. Or you observe how someone carry’s out themselves and you just know that  either you will or will not get along with that person.

Although in the long run, one has to know themselves so that they are not swallowed by their influencers, to an extent you become fake or a photocopy of them. You also need to make sure YOU sticks (still remain as YOU-NIQUE) so that someone else can have that blessed opportunity of taking up some of your phrases/ expressions/habits.


“Be around the people you want to be like, because you will be like the people you are around.”

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*