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T.G.I.F *The Perry Way*

Thank God It’s Friday! Just think about it from a Katy Perry perspective and it will automatically be super one … he he. This has been one amazing week, I love it! I think when you put your mind to something it actually becomes. The mind is a powerful function and it very much controls every aspect of your life. You want to be happy, put your mind to it … you want to be sad, put your mind to it. You make a choice and it will be.


Random Thoughts

You are who you think you are, yes, it’s all about you. You might think that’s selfish but really, other people might have opinions of you, what they think you are, what they want you to be, but they only know so much about you. They don’t know what you’re made up of, the efforts always come from within you. You’re the only one who knows you, what you can do, what you can’t do, what you want to be, what you don’t want to be … so again, it’s all about you. Hear them, but don’t let it get to you. Always hold your head up high, and think highly of yourself, for that’s what matters the most … what you think about you.

I’m Feeling

One word ↓

This Weekend

Hmmm! Doing something I’ve not done before, so this should be pretty interesting plus it’s an invite :) so for good friends who make plans for me in advance, thanks for thinking of me. Then there’s the books, I have 3 exams next week, someone shoot me now.

I’m Craving

Swimming, such a super sport. One of those few things that I’m really good at and such a reliever of sorts. Now to get the time to do it.

Songs of the Week

Oh boy bands … it’s becoming a thing now eeh!

Then there’s this one I’ve been given by my colleague. Too awesome, but you know how Neo-Soul is and how Anthony Hamilton *choke* let’s leave it there.

I Want and Pray

As usual, I want to thank God for the little and the big blessings in my life, those that I see and those that I haven’t yet seen. For love, peace, safety and good health for our people’s. For laughter and happiness in our households yah?  For the exams to be easy breezy for those of us sitting for them.  For those who will be doing their finals this year (candidates) may all the knowledge and wisdom you need come your way so that you can ace them.

Quote Of The Week

Some important words from the very ol’ wise man, maybe you could pick a thing or two or yet again just all, they all make so much sense ↓

Again, for those of us having exams (now or in the future), all the best … It’s just exams after all, we’ll be sure to Ace them no?

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~ *Kawi*

Back to Basics

I’ve always had an issue when it comes to doing accounts, finance and any other related courses. This I will blame the first lecturer who was supposed to teach us the introduction bit of the course. This is how it was done, “By a show of hands who did business education in high school?” We had just completed our O’ Levels and had just joined college, you know the one that your parents use as a means of keeping you off the hood *read boys*. Anyway, so a couple of students actually like half the class put up their hands. I was one of the few who had done music (yeah, I did music as an elective, I always wonder what I was thinking when I was choosing it by the way). So you can imagine I had no slightest idea what accounting is all about.

So he goes ahead and says, “That’s a majority, the rest of you will learn from your friends, so we can start from chapter 3 or so…” O_O basically after that statement, I zoned off. Spent the rest of the semester complaining how I wasn’t getting a thing in Accounts, not that I was doing anything to better the situation. By the end of the semester I was still as green as the first day. I would ace other units, but this one I was a few marks shy of a 0. I’m not bad in math, if anything I’m fairly good *not toot toot’ing*. So it was a shock when we did the exam and voila … Fail! I almost got a heart attack though, you know how you think you’re smart and you just can’t fail? It doesn’t work like that.

So when I was re-sitting the paper, I just decided to actually put some serious effort and read for it. I started from page one of that Frank Wood Accounting Book. Yes page 1, considering I didn’t even know what credit and debit was (technically) and why and where they are placed on the balance sheets. As I went on reading, the more I read, the easier it became. Once I understood the introduction bit, everything else sort of became a breeze. I felt a tad bit stupid because I could have just done that in the beginning (but I didn’t). No wonder people do college before campus, you need to go through these stuff, because after that failing has never been an option. I’d rather crack my head reading even the last-minute than fail an exam. It’s too embarrassing, and I have an ego to protect (the genius one…lol).

As unimportant the beginning seems in many things in life, the ‘what is’ part of many things is what actually determines whether you know what you’re getting yourself into or not. What is it is that constitutes that thing, the definition of those things and how or when they are to be used. You will find that what you learn in the introduction stage, is what you will more or less use all through the course. The small terms that you thought to brush off are the ones that will keep popping up here and there *credit this, debit that* and if you get that bit wrong, you’ve messed up the whole solution and that’s how you fail.

That is life, it may seem difficult, you might try here, there or even do nothing then in the end you just fail. Failing is not only about getting an ‘F’ here, it could be so many other things on so many other different levels. Failing also doesn’t mean it’s the last lap and all is over and done, no, there are re-sits, which are more like second chances to prove to yourself and to others that, “errmmm that was just a misunderstanding”. To prove that you’re better than that, you’re smarter than that (in my case), that you just slipped/tripped but you can get yourself up and do something about it. Sometimes what we need is to go back to the basics because without the basics, you’re as good as nothing.

The solution to a problem, always starts from those basics, they are the ones that help you derive a formula. Actually, they are the ones that make up that formula. So if you don’t understand them, then what problem are you solving? That’s how we find ourselves stuck in the middle of something, using the wrong formula’s to solve a problem or mixing up the formulas whereby for this problem you use a formula that could be used to solve another one. Uh oh, the tangles, the getting mixed up, the confusions, the wondering why the variables are not fitting in. Solution, always go back to the basic even when you think you’re too grown up for that. You will be surprised at how things that seem to be complex are just a combination of basics.

Be young and don’t be afraid to start. Starting over is not a bad thing, if anything, it’s refreshing and you get a chance to spot what you had missed out or fix what had gone wrong because sometimes you do figure it out.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Guest Post: Rabbi

As promised, I managed to convince my baby sister (Clara) to give me one her poetry pieces for you to read. Sometimes I have a look at them and all I can say is, WOW!



Confused and alarming frenzy

Gave up my all in the offing

Blinded by ambition and purpose

Divided through trials and tribulations

Beyond the process of authenticating

You bring me this

I beg not to differ

For thy knows what is best for I

But Rabbi,

Take one last look at this damsel

Broken to bits left for the bull

Dark day’s instant nights

Forsake bread and butter for the cause

Do away with chaos

None the less despair

I thought Rabbi had colossal clemency

Enough to pick up dumped trash

Enough to respond to gloating me

Take not my will for it is all I am left with

No man has an iota what you are about

But I have a hint

Sixteen years strong

Now I know better

You are no vending machine

No automated teller machine

Hold your stallions tame your lion

Count your blessings the rest discard

The darkness will turn iridescent

For what Rabbi can do, can make karma compromise.

Author ~ Clara Rincuni

Roller Coaster Week : TGIF

Thank God It’s Friday! Roller coaster week this has been from Moody Monday -> Tacky Tuesday -> Whimsy Wednesday -> Thrilling Thursday -> Funky Friday and looks like I’m headed for -> Stress-Free Saturday -> Super Soulful Sunday.

Random Thoughts

You need to get into certain situations to know how you can actually handle them. Everyday you go through different feelings, things, people, situations and it’s only through them that you get to even learn more about yourself. This, you’ve got to appreciate as bad as it is, because it actually molds you.

Just figured that I’m one of those people who warm food, tea but end up eating or drinking it when it’s cold. Yes I’m a slow eater, unless I’m very hungry (you know those kids who kept food in their mouths for hours…lol but that was then). Then again wonder why I warm them in the 1st place…smh!

I’m Feeling

This Weekend

My weekend has been cramped by school. Basically, school has gotten into the way of my life right now and it’s just haunting me everywhere, but I’m ninja. Going to hang out with my baby sister sometime *BLISS* finally schools close. She is the other version of me the younger free-spirit one, totally fun to hang out and she does poetry will try get one off her :)

Fan Fact: I was born on February 1st and she was born on February 28th (1st and last day of the month)…I find that just beyond cool!

I’m Craving

Kuku choma, ugali, kachumbari. The though is tormenting my salivary glands much … I want!


Songs of the Week

Oh boy bands!

I Want and Pray

Always thankful for the little things. Sure I’ll look back in time and think that was pretty big for a small girl like me. The same thing happens even now when I look back. I pray for the different opportunities coming my way and the ability to make wise/right choices in life generally. For the people in my life, for love, laughter, peace, good health and safety.

Quote Of The Week

For those of us having exams, all the best … It’s just exams after all, we’ll be sure to Ace them no?.

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~ *Kawi*

Mr. Time

I always knew time had wings :)

Don’t you love time. Okay, that’s a lie, 24hrs is too short for a day. The number of times I get home so exhausted and I just want to pass out, but I still want to do important things like meet up with friends (for dinner, a’cuppa tea, laughs, drinks) then still manage to do school work and slot in some time for my stuff.

For disappearing acts, it’s hard to beat what happens to the eight hours supposedly left after eight of sleep and eight of work ~ Doug Larson

Fortunately that is not the time I’m talking about. I’m talking about time…the lengthy time. You know the one that gives you an opportunity to learn, not the 24 hour meanie one. By the way given super powers, I think I will drop the flash one that I’ve always wanted, now that it’s my aim to learn to keep time and pick the time-extending one, so that I can have more time on my hands…smart move huh!

Time as limited a resource as it seems or actually is, is one of the most important things in life. Ever find yourself asking someone to give you more time or you cannot get (or have enough) time to do something or that you can only judge a situation given time. Time, time, time. It’s just happens to be all over your space and there’s no way you can evade it. The birthdays we celebrate, the friendships we form, the relationships we have, our achievements, the people we become…all in the long run, are all as a result of time. I love it when people celebrate good times. It’s also with time that some bad things happen you lose loved ones, you create fr-enemies, relationships fail, you miss out on the good things, you don’t say or do what you would’ve wanted to say or do, you don’t get or achieve what you wanted and so on.

Time talks, teaches, makes you learn, gives you more information, shows you things, give things meaning, makes you figure our what’s important what is not, what’s dominant what is not, your worth or value to people/places, it’s what tells you if you made the right or wrong choices. Basically it becomes your voice of reason when all else is probably failing. With time, you can always know where to place yourself in life’s different situations and where to place those situations in your life as well (always a two-way…like you do me, I do you kind of thing…lol). It’s just as simple to understand as that or as difficult to absorb as that.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~ Steve Jobs

In other unrelated news, I came across this song and the words that stuck to my head, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Stand a little taller. What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter. Footsteps even lighter”. Whatever you go through and you think that’s just it, as long as you’re still breathing, then it just means that you should push on with even more confidence because it means you’re a stronger than that and you’re a fighter, chances are that it will get much better with time, somehow. So don’t let anything or anyone cramp your style. And managing to dig up a smile when things don’t seem to go your way  when the world is working against you, is always a form of tense (stress…your choice) reliever. True story, just ask me :)

 Love, Light, Peace! I saw this somewhere and thought, “How cool, I should do it too”. So, I choose to light a candle and think of everyone sending love and thanks, I wish to send love and peace to all mankind. Wonderful Wednesday!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Mojo Jojo’ing

I’m having one of those bleh days…wololo! Not so good. I’m supposed to be excited about nothing in particular, I always am. But now I’m having that crashed feeling like someone just put me in a blender and squeezed all the juice from me. Okay, I’m looking for ways to get my mojo back like looking for a good song, which I’m not getting. They are either too mush mush, too slow, too fast, boring. Yes, my playlist is on shuffle and I am forwarding all the songs looking for that one…lol

I know it’s not a Kawi’s special feeling, I bet we all have one of those. The one’s that you what you would love is to just have friends around and talk about anything so that you can find yourself randomly laughing or smiling because when you’re alone at that particular time you don’t much to smile about. I was even feigning myself a smile in the morning while looking at the mirror, like smile woman, smile now. Maybe it’s the weather, it’s too dull or maybe it’s the clothes I’ve worn, the colors are too earthy. Anyway, I don’t know. Sure I’ll be back to normal transmission in no time. Maybe I’ll find that song or get those people to derail me into laughing … something needs to happen sooner than later.

Beside’s that looking forward to the weekend. I’ll say everything in a random way, plus considering today’s T.G.I.F falls on a 13th let me do it differently.

  • I have a Kid’s party to go to, who knew I’ll be invited for one. What are 5 year old kids into nowadays? I’m sure the Ben10 phase has passed…no?
  • Nkirdizzle is coming over on Sunday and I don’t know what to cook for her. Maybe I’ll do my magic meal, the one that gets someone uuuu’ing and aaah’ing at my cooking skills.
  • Grapes are my new snack. If that’s what people in the stone age used to feed on, then no wonder they never used to complain. But how expensive are those tiny fruits.
  • “All men are sculptors, constantly chipping away the unwanted parts of their lives, trying to create their idea of a masterpiece.” ~ Eddie Murphy
  • Just ate Ugali, sukuma wiki and beef for lunch *YAWN* the tortures we take ourselves through.
  • I should now start looking for the kind of car I want, the costs and what not. Talk of ambition.
  • I thank God for basically everything and everyone in my life. Life is never that easy and for me to have it flowing fine regardless of those little bumps, hiccups and potholes that come along. I really cannot complain about anything, and for that I am more than grateful.
  • In case you ever wonder who friends are and what they are meant to be. I found this to be a good description of them: A friend is one who walks in when others walk out. One who is there for you when they’d rather be anywhere else.
  • When you were a kid, you really wanted to grow up not really knowing what growing up entails. Until you get there and you’re like O_O raw deal this is. What do you do with raw deals? You’ve got to ripen it up and that’s why when you’re grown up you have to work your ass off so that you can achieve those things you had on your wish list.
  • There are two kinds of people. Geeks and Non-Geeks. And they should be paired, because I think the geeks would have a field day every single day. If you think Ice cream Sandwich is a dessert, go \_ there, you’re a non-geek. If you know that it’s an Android O.S stand there, you’re a geek. What next? Mingle? We need to spread this knowledge maen!



Back to searching for my mojo? There’s a reward pegged to it if you find it for me. All the best to me…lol

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Easter Weekend Musings

No, I’m not calling it Thriday anymore because it’s just not Friday, it’s just almost like. Yeah, I’ll just be that kid throwing tantrums. I have had a bad day, such a bad day that at some point I felt like pulling out my hair, gorging out my eyes, poking myself with a pencil…hahaha okay, who am I kidding? I love myself too much to do any of that. But really, it felt so tough especially psychologically. Work + School = A bish, you feel this when you have loads of work (at work) and then a load of projects, cats, assignments and a massive group presentation (in school) that is more than half your course marks. Point here is *GROUP*, is worse than individual work, it amounts to team work, expectation, pressures. Oh my my day!

Look at me, I’m still surviving! Back to normal and I have every reason to smile, well because the presentation went well and stress levels have zero’ed down to almost zero (I know that doesn’t make sense to you, it also doesn’t make sense to me too…lol).

Random Thoughts

Humble beginnings are the best beginnings, don’t despise them. I tend to think they are the most fulfilling, so don’t be scared of starting small. That’s why you start with baby class, 1 follower, 1 reader, 1 fan, 1 year, 1 month, few shillings, small house, just friends … then you or whatever it is just grows. It’s just like a seed, it starts off as just as 1 seed and the next thing you know there are so many things sprouting, and then I just thought “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Surely, I need help…hahaha.

This Weekend

Family and friends are in the itinerary.

I’m Craving

Thinking steers chicken or those pork chops for Spurs right now *salivates*

Either or BOTH will do ... hehe, speaking of which maybe I should do lunch with one of my readers some day. Who's up for this?

Song of the day

This is what has kept me going through the day. Did I mention I replay songs especially if it suits my mood. Today, I was dying to be happy, to be my smiley self and this song, the up beats and all are what keep me alive inside. There was a bit like a ray of happiness.

I want and pray

I know there’s many paths that have been aligned for us and we’re supposed to choose one. I just hope I’m on the right one or if not, at least en-route to it not too far off. Yeah, parables…lol

Quote of the day

Happy Easter my people. And as usual for every weekend *cheers to it and drink to that* to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*