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The Mighty Thorsday

Counting down to 5:00pm like it’s closing day. If you went through 8.4.4 I bet you get what I mean. Not that I have anything really constructive that I’m going to do, but it’s holidaaaay it’s not supposed to be constructive *bliss*

Wonder what ”no good” people are going to be up to today? For some strange reason it even feels like December holidays, so sad that such days fly and next thing you know it’s Monday morning and you’re on your office desk toiling feeling like your weekend was just whisked away.

Random Thought

So I’ve been made to read “The Alchemist” . Let’s start from I have had the name of that book being thrown around. I’ve also heard it’s a nice book and now I’m experiencing it. You want to know why I never read it before? Because I could not really pronounce the name of the book leave alone the author…Paulo Coelho. But considering the emphasis on how I should read it, I am now on it.

And quarter-way through, I think we share some views ↓

“…The Soul of the World is nourished by people’s happiness. And also by unhappiness,
envy, and jealousy. To realize one’s Personal Legend is a person’s only real obligation.
All things are one.”
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve

Let’s see and figure out what it’s about and maybe I’ll do a review and work my way through the pronunciations as well. If you read this and you know me and have my contacts, you can give me call and tell me how.

Song of the day

Doing the Azoto dance already \o/

I’m craving

I didn’t really get the spare ribs last week so I’m hoping that by all means, I get them today *crossing fingers* might just end up going there solo but that’s too sappy so nooo! Sure there are people down for that.

And then #TeamTeam100 :-)

I want and pray

Today I’m on that Serenity prayer a good one. I think it basically puts everything in a nutshell :-)


God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.
Amen. ~ Reinhold Niebuhr

Quote of the day

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Under My Wing

And you wonder what that is about. There’s that one thing or two that you always keep under your wing. That which if you didn’t have you’ll be one sad babe. Sometimes it’s what keeps you going on or sane when we feel like things are falling apart, not going our way or they just don’t make sense at all.

Yes, I’m that babe right there. Positivity is what’s always under my wing. That’s how I make out the things that happen to me. Sometimes I just want to breakdown but then I think there must be a reason why this is happening this way. I’m one of those people who solely believe that there’s a time for everything and there’s a reason why something is happening at that particular time and not another, be it bad or good.

Who’s watched that series touch? (you should try it out, that’s besides the point though). Well mine’s nothing mathematical, definitely no numbers. I still think calculus was invented by sadist. Surely, who makes sense out of it, I mean past getting the solution. At no point in my life have I made use of calculus other than my math class and the exam room. Also, neither do I predict what’s going to happen, but I usually have a hunch for things, I feel like things or people are connected in one way or another. Like what happens to you will affect what will happen to another directly or indirectly. Like one persons blessing could be another persons curse kind of thing. You know that far-fetched feeling of how something will turn out, which I can bet everyone has. Sometimes you can even tell what you’re getting yourself into, but you dive in just because it’s a new experience, different scenario and so on.

When you get yourself into something, you always get into it with the expectation that the results are going to be positive … no? In my case, I usually do. By the time I convince myself that I’m going to do this, regardless of how sketchy it seems I always want it to work out for the best. Question is what if it doesn’t? Because situations change, people change, feelings change, ideas change, expectations change, thoughts change … it’s a dynamic world out there, by all means. So what? Do you sit there and cry yourself to sleep or have a pity party? Ummm no, I think the world has taught me better than that.

Those negative things that happen, try seeing them in positive light. Like maybe if it didn’t happen like that it would’ve deterred something better from happening. Yes, I’m best at consolations. Actually, coming to think of it, I must be the worst to come to with an issue, because I won’t really sympathize with you…lol I’m the kind of person who will give you ideologies. Tell you that it’s a good thing that you actually went through that. Lesson learnt right? Like it or not it is. It’s for you to take it in or just brush it off and probably go through the same thing again and feel the very same way.

There’s a blessing in every lesson ~ India Arie

After all, it’s not always sunshine even Mother Nature knows well enough to bring in the rain. It’s for us to find the good in it (says the girl who doesn’t like the rain). As much as the rains brings disasters it comes with goodies as well else you wouldn’t be munching on those fresh and juicy veggies and fruits.

Quote of the day

Isn’t this just beyond cute? O_o You know, it’s really childish … “cookies”  such a cute representation of all those petty things that we guys fight over … C’mon now it’s never that serious.  (ha ha did I say cute twice? but it really is)

Wonderful Wednesday … 4 day weeks always feel different. I like it how we disregard the other 3 days, like we’ll be doing nothing but just feet up on couch all day and just watch movies #wishes. Enjoy!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Feel Free Friday

Ooh Thank God It’s Friday. Phrase never gets tired, at least in my case. Every Monday I look forward to Friday *who doesn’t really?* unless of course I have major deadlines and I want days to drag a little bit. All the same, it feels different … you know the kind of free feel, like I can finally take a legal breather for 2 days despite how jam-packed the weekend might be.

Let’s do this one differently, it’s good to be a bit unpredictable sometimes. Living up to ‘Feel Free Friday’, so I’ll tell you a lil’ about me based on an image. Here goes.

Those 5 things describe me in a nutshell. Things that I love to do in my free or not so free time. Things that make me feel some liveliness within me, that make me feel like I have actually had fun and achieved something. Yeah, you should have seen my face when I saw someone has package them for me in an image.

I Dance

Party with no dance ain’t no party for me. I’m that girl who will dance all night or is it dance the night away. Yes, I’m always like an energizer bunny with a fresh set of batteries.

“Music is emotion; it is the place we go during moments of our greatest joy & pain. Musicians are healers of the soul ~ Gordon Chambers”

I can’t imagine a world without music, it’s my *thinking of a convincing word*. I dance to any music, I don’t discriminate much and I dance how I feel it … always secretly thanking God for the gift of rhythm. I always feel like music totally gets me and I get it, we get each other.

I Laugh

You make me laugh, you automatically get into my cool people’s list, it’s that simple. Laughter is good for the soul, it’s the best medicine, they couldn’t have said it better. It’s never that serious, a joke here, a joke there makes the world a better place. “Comedy is defiance. It’s a snort of contempt in the face of fear and anxiety. And it’s the laughter that allows hope to creep back on the inhale.” I’m made up of sarcasm and humor … that’s what keeps me sane and with the constant smile :-)

I Create

I think, I read, I listen but mostly I think, therefore I create. Sometimes, I think without knowing that I’m actually think and I come up with things, illusions, imaginations, realities. In all truth I think creation equals beauty. God created the universe, that just shows you how important creation of any kind is.

I Dream

Big. Yes, I’m a dreamer. I dream in technicolor, sometimes even in 3D and after watching IMAX, you don’t want to know where my dreams are headed. I usually say, dreams are those extended thoughts that exist in your subconscious mind. And seeing as I think a lot and into things, you can try imagine how my dreams are. The kind you wake and you need to look around to see if any bit of it was real, then try to force “sleep” again so that you can continue the dream. *Hands up if you wake up to confirm a dream…lol*

I Believe

I believe, therefore I am. I love the lyrics to that Kanye ft Dwele Song – Flash Lights, “She don’t believe in shooting stars. But she believe in shoes and cars”. Yeah, I believe in realistic things, like God, myself, my work, people, things I work for, things I can and cannot see but in my world exist. Well, I also believe in things that others would think don’t make sense like love, respect, peace among others.

I’m Craving

Two words : Spare Ribs (and I want to eat all I can, Thursday has never looked this far).

Song of the day

Kelly Clarkson has a new one and boy isn’t her music something, love it.

I want and pray

I want stuff to work out, always for the better. I always try to put my best forward in all situations to an extent that sometimes I think positivity is my right wing man.  I pray for love, peace, safety and good health for our people’s. Let us see the beauty in life and learn to have the attitude of gratitude.

Quote of the day

“Close friends contribute to our personal growth. They also contribute to our personal pleasure, making the music sound sweeter, the wine taste richer, the laughter ring louder because they are there” ~ Judith Viorst

HAPPY AFRICA DAY to all my African brothers and sisters, ya’ll are AWESOME. To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

On Biting and Chewing

When I was a kid I was a pretty poor eater, believe it or not. As much as I love food right now still a slow eater though, the most dreaded times of the day must’ve been meal times. Sure enough it wasn’t the best time for our then house-help either, because it was a battle of wills. Her putting food into my mouth by force and me reluctantly swallowing it. Day in day out, that was meal time for us. Sometimes she would use some frightening tactics to get me to swallow the food in my mouth and take another bite. It was crazy I tell you, now that I think of it.

Sometimes, I would not swallow the food and the help would just add another spoon full over the one I had, so I would have swollen cheeks and trust me it used to get tiring, so I would just own up and swallow the food all together, plus it became tasteless anyway and spitting it was a crime. finishing the food in your plate was an unwritten house rule. I can bet for most kids it was…yah? That’s my story. Ha ha we’ve come from far you see.


Basically I was like this squirrel here, only difference is that mine wasn’t voluntary. But we’re not kids forever, thank God. I grew up and eating became more of a voluntary activity. I would know how much my body needs, how much can fit in my mouth, what I want and don’t want to eat and knowing what’s enough.

Anyhow, what got me thinking of this little childhood tale was a little phrase that I loosely use when I am trying to regulate myself. You know when you have so much yummy food in front of you and you just want to gobble it all up but you have to take a spoon at a time. Ever been in such a situation. Oh for the love of good food, a million times. Sometimes I just serve a huge portion out of pure greed, thinking that I will eat, eat and eat.

Then mid-eating, you get really full, really full that it becomes uncomfortable. The food eventually becomes boring and the thought of it gives you the eew’s and aahh’s, do I have to really eat any more? Ever wondered why they serves small portions in hotels? Now is when it makes sense. I wonder if this is their reason though or they’re cutting through the budget…lol

That’s what life exactly does to us. Sometimes it just presents us with a buffet of food and we’re supposed to serve our plate in portions that will help satisfy us at particular meal times (meal times being the different stages of our lives). There will always be food it’s for us to know how much we want to serve, what’s enough for us and so on. Life gives us so much that we want to just take it all up without even putting some thought into it.

It all looks so edible and like you just can’t get enough of it. So we start-up with so much energy, zeal. And although it’s quite exciting and motivating as we start off, its important to keep the energy level balanced so you don’t fade halfway through, or even earlier. Sometimes we do get greedy or too enthusiastic that we end up taking on more than we might actually be willing to handle. Then with time it starts becoming overwhelming, tiring and you lose the motivation you had when you were starting up. That’s what we call, ‘biting more than we can chew‘.

It’s necessary to know how much we have on our plate, how much we can handle and what where we are willing to say, “you know for now this is enough and I’ll take up the rest a bit later”. When we are handed over a plate in our lives, of course not the real plate, this could come in the form of an opportunity, a challenge, a situation. It is important to pace ourselves.

Look at the situation logically and set realistic goals for yourself. It’s tempting to just take everything at once and try to sort it out, but there is no need to overwhelm yourself with tasks just because the moment strikes.

Set your pace. Everyone is different. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for you. How you take up a challenge is different from how someone else will take it up. You can check out how you’ve worked on previous challenges, what worked and what didn’t. Learn from your past experiences. No one beats teacher Experience. He was actually crowned the best of all times, no one has replaced him yet.

You can psychoanalyse yourself by trying to find out if  you often get motivated and take on too much too soon just because you’re excited about the prospects? Look at it logically and intentionally cut those tasks in half. No one is going to be able to set your pace but yourself because everyone runs on different energy levels.

If you do get overwhelmed and feel yourself quickly fading, take a step back and re-evaluate your priorities. Set a pace that works for you. This will leave you feeling both accomplished and reserved at the end of the day. Lighten up on yourself. Sometimes we often set our sights too high, and in turn bite off more than we can chew. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, at least they didn’t say that they guy took a step and completed the a thousand miles at once, that would’ve been depressing. So it could be a slow move, but if it’s getting you somewhere, you’re definitely NOT doing it wrong.

Quote of the day

Find Your Calm … Bite off what you can chew and save the leftovers for another meal

—-> Felt like adding, it’s never that serious really. That unwritten rule that you have to finish the food on your plate. It comes a time when you don’t have to :-) it’s healthier to stop when you feel full, store the left overs well and take them up once the other food has been digested.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Monday, Oh Monday!

I know it’s Monday. That day we’re not so fond of especially when your alarm goes off in the morning and you think, “It’s morning already, feels like the night just flew by.” You’re already used to sleeping in till late over the weekend and now you’re back to the weekly routine. To make it worse,  you have 4 more days of that same exhausting routine. That’s why Monday feels so blue. Maybe we can look at it from the perspective that we have 4 more days to make things happen, make a difference in the world, then a weekend to celebrate the happenings, and it becomes a cycle. Then Monday’s will not be such cursed days after all. If I was good in Photoshop (which I need to now learn), I would have Monday splodged with some orange, yellow and luminous green. Just to show how an awesome day it can be (those are wishes by the way…lol)

For now, here are some cuppa tea’s to push you through the week (one for each day) :-)

And some music that totally wow’ed me today. It couldn’t get more beautiful than this. I hope they have more stuff in store.


Random Monday thoughts

Love yourself, no one will love you better than you can love yourself. Take care of yourself, no one can take care of you better than you can take care of yourself. Be confident your self, no one else can be more confident in you more than you would be in yourself. Trust yourself and your abilities, because only you knows what your capable of. Think the world of yourself.

But if you can find someone who loves, takes care of you, is confident in you, trusts you as much as you do yourself and thinks the world of you … appreciate, treasure them and reciprocate the good deeds. Because not everyone looks out for you, but those who do, spare them a special place in your heart, the more than deserve it. However, if you don’t do that for yourself first, chances are that you won’t even realize when someone is doing it for you. It always has to come first from within, then without. What do you think?

Quote of the week

Take a chance on something or someone today, tomorrow, in future … some time. One of the few times being scared is good. Have an amazing and productive week ahead.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

To Commit or Not?

Commitment, a big word with simple meaning. It gives some of us the hibbie jibbies just at the thought of it. Committment means that you’re without doubt giving something or someone your all. Putting in your mind, body, soul, effort, time, money just name it. Of course there are different kinds of commitments that are there, but they’re all geared towards one thing – binding yourself to something. Where you say, you know from now on, I am going to do this and that without fail (this is to mean that whatever this is, it has to be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely).

Personally, I am one of those that if I commit myself to something, by all means I am in it. However, the process before committing is a rigorous one, my small mind goes rogue. It’s like solving a complex math problem … I need to factor in all variables and be sure that should there be any changes my answer will still remain the same, that is, my commitment will still remain as it is. That it won’t change just because of a change of circumstance or surroundings.

Just the other day, I was having one of those short random meetings with the insurance lady. This insurance guys can be quite persistent, whaat! Anyway, she was selling me one of their policy products, which she had actually tried selling to me before, I was a little bit interested but I asked her to give me some time to sort out my other things first. Of course I had shown some interest and she kept calling to ask if I was now ready and I kept pushing it forward. She’s a smart and persistent one, which works pretty well with me. So this time, she calls and says she has revised the policy and she has something for me. That’s how the meeting came to be.

So as she explains the concept behind it, I’m like oooh nice! Of course I ask my a million and one question so as to eliminate my doubt, because I have heard things many things, bad things about insurance firms and their policies. After all is done, she goes like, “Okay, you will sign the documents and we can process it” … O_O huh! That was my reaction, but I want more time to think about it, and make sure that I’m ready to part with that amount of money every month come rain on sunshine. And that’s why, she goes, “Mercy, you shouldn’t fear commitments, just decide now and start.” I’m a defensive one, so I’m like, “it’s not that I fear commitments *cringe*, it’s just that I need to know that I’m ready”. Then she says, “How do you know when you’re ready?” Yikes, now that’s a hard one, but rarely do I run out of something to say. So I tell her, “The moment I put it in my mind that I am going to part with Ksh. XXX without fail and also feel like it’s totally worth the input, that’s when I know I am ready.”

That’s what got me thinking about this whole commitment thing. Fear of commitment doesn’t mean that you’re not capable of committing, it just means at least in my case that I want to know and feel that what I’m committing to is worth the effort. That the value I get back matches what I’m putting in. It doesn’t have to be a perfect balance, but the impact needs to be felt in one way or another.

Commitment is like super glue, it binds you to people, things, goals. Once you put super glue on something, the stick is permanent, unless of course you go out of your way to really unstick it. That’s the essence of commitment.

Basically, if you look around, every good thing begins with a commitment. Yet again, some bad things also begin with a commitment. To the good things, it’s because when you were getting into that commitment, you thought about it,  put your best foot forward, gave it your all and went ahead without any doubts. It’s something that needed you and you needed it back, to some extent it’s symbiotic. A commitment has to be between two parties and the benefits should be mutual to each party.

Otherwise, if it’s parasitic, that’s what leads to raw commitments. You enter a commitment with the aim of benefiting alone, it doesn’t work like that. I’d rather a person who takes long to commit to something, than commit and give a raw deal, because that then breeds resentments, disappointments, dissatisfaction. There’s no beauty in that … commitments are meant to make life lively!

Making a commitment should be as fun as making a pinky promise and making sure you keep it :-)

Did you know that the people who commit themselves to a cause or to a person other than themselves are the most fulfilled happy people on earth? As cheesy as it’s sounds, this could actually be true. Being needed and you needing someone else and eventually being there for each other must be the best feeling, fulfilling and all. Haha even the thought is fulfilling, scrape off material things because those you can have and still remain as empty as you can possibly imagine.

You build yourself through the commitments you make, your self-esteem, personal integrity, self-confidence can at some point all be defined by it. So as you enter any form of commitment, just be sure. Be sure, that it’s what you want, that it’s worth the value you will place in it and that you will abide be it come rain or sunshine.

After all, nothing happens really until we make a commitment. So it’s that important, it determines whether your pursue something or not, whether you trust something or not and whether you want any form of involvement with that something or not.

One of those post that kept lingering in my mind. Had to put it down, hope it makes some sense. Have a FUNTASTIC weekend!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Breezy Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! For once I have a normal Friday and I’m loving it. This is to an extent that I have nothing much to say, no rants that is. I’m done with exams so I’m off school for a few weeks (I hope). I haven’t yet inquired when we resume, let me just enjoy the ‘holiday’ while it lasts. Basically, pressure has reduced by a BIG percentage and I’m in the happy place at the moment with other aspects of my life. You get me yah!

Random Thoughts

“It is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy”. To all the mothers, young and old, us kids would not be who we are were it not for you. Just for carrying us for those 9 months for starters, just makes you our heroes. Now for the other hurdle which is taking care of us you definitely deserve a standing ovation. You’re a blessing to the world.

To my mom, you’re a blessing. I love you more than word can express.

I’m Feeling

So breezy, I woke up in the morning feeling like a game-changer *STOLEN* Legoo!

This Weekend

*Waits for 5pm* Whatever I do, I’ll basically be living each moment of the weekend. From starting it off with watching ‘Avengers’ today after work, can you imagine I haven’t done the Imax yet. So in Kenyan status, I’m still uncool. Nowadays you’re graded using new joints like have you eaten at KFC, then now have you gone to watch an Imax movie…wololo, let me work on this one.

I’m Craving

Chilling out with a couple of amazing friends somewhere, chatting up, drinking  up, dancing and basically just having fun. So now, umm who’s going to organize that? Event organizing is not my forte, I bet some of you should know by now, but I can sure bring in the fun bit.

Songs of the Week

Isn’t being young is just awesome? People can really look down on you but hey, you’re young, make the most of it … you have time to prove them wrong. Have fun while at it.

I Want and Pray

I want to thank God for the little and the big blessings in my life, those that I see and those that I haven’t yet seen. I pray for love, peace, safety and good health for our people’s. Let us see the beauty in life.

Quote Of The Week

Happy Mother’s Day!

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*