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My LinkedIn Summary

Summaries. I hated those. Especially when in school you were asked to read a book and summarize it in one page (or a limited number of words, they liked 300) in a way that someone will understand what the book was about. I remember in my previous workplace I had a colleague who loved the word ‘one pager’ that on my first day of work, he told me to come up with a ‘one pager’ for a project I was completely clueless about. It made me research, and that’s what actually made me understand the scope & objectives of that project. Because with a one pager you can’t write nonsense, it needs to be straight to the point. Plus it’s a quick read, so you can’t bullshit, or someone will know you are. Especially if they have knowledge of that project/book.

Well, that’s the same feeling that creeps up when I’m asked to give a summary of myself. I’m 27, that means, I’ve had quite a bit of experience and a story to tell. It might not be moving like some I’ve heard, but it’s something to say the least. Plus it doesn’t help that I’m not the best story teller or pro in giving an account of events that happened to me. Most I forget, then remember when something happens that touches on that experience.

I am, About Me

The thought of my LinkedIn summary has disturbed me for a while now. It didn’t cause me sleepless nights, but it made me a little uneasy because I didn’t feel like I was properly representing who I am and what I do in terms of my career.  I’m a lover of social things, especially those on the digital front – Facebook, Twitter, IG, LinkedIn, G+, Blog – basically, I’ve embraced digital. I always feel like they have a multiplier effect and they expose you to people you don’t know – but most of what is exposed to those people is what you share with them, what you want them to know or how you want them to interpret who you are. So to some extent you have some control. And so I changed my LinkedIn summary and made it a little more personal. It kinda made me feel good about myself, you know when you realize what makes you tick when you’re working. Here goes;

Armed with an IT, Project and Strategic Management educational background but actually practicing as a Marketer, an Online or Digital Marketer to be exact. It amuses me. It’s after all, what I am passionate about.

Thinking about what the person on the other end of the screen (computer, mobile or print) wants to consume when it comes to content. The process involved in conceptualizing, designing, developing and eventually sharing it – through the various social media platforms and having conversations around that content because it affects us whether directly or indirectly.

Coming up with plans/strategies on how to make the consumption of this content as interesting and stimulating as possible for the consumer through partnerships and teamwork. It’s through these two that we have had successful campaigns and achieved our desired results.

I am also a sucker for content that builds people, useful content. Content that inspires, impacts or influences someone (even if just one person) in one way or another. And that’s the main reason I run my personal blog at – Kawi Snippets.

That’s just about it. Happy Thursday Lovelies.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Feel Free Friday

Ooh Thank God It’s Friday. Phrase never gets tired, at least in my case. Every Monday I look forward to Friday *who doesn’t really?* unless of course I have major deadlines and I want days to drag a little bit. All the same, it feels different … you know the kind of free feel, like I can finally take a legal breather for 2 days despite how jam-packed the weekend might be.

Let’s do this one differently, it’s good to be a bit unpredictable sometimes. Living up to ‘Feel Free Friday’, so I’ll tell you a lil’ about me based on an image. Here goes.

Those 5 things describe me in a nutshell. Things that I love to do in my free or not so free time. Things that make me feel some liveliness within me, that make me feel like I have actually had fun and achieved something. Yeah, you should have seen my face when I saw someone has package them for me in an image.

I Dance

Party with no dance ain’t no party for me. I’m that girl who will dance all night or is it dance the night away. Yes, I’m always like an energizer bunny with a fresh set of batteries.

“Music is emotion; it is the place we go during moments of our greatest joy & pain. Musicians are healers of the soul ~ Gordon Chambers”

I can’t imagine a world without music, it’s my *thinking of a convincing word*. I dance to any music, I don’t discriminate much and I dance how I feel it … always secretly thanking God for the gift of rhythm. I always feel like music totally gets me and I get it, we get each other.

I Laugh

You make me laugh, you automatically get into my cool people’s list, it’s that simple. Laughter is good for the soul, it’s the best medicine, they couldn’t have said it better. It’s never that serious, a joke here, a joke there makes the world a better place. “Comedy is defiance. It’s a snort of contempt in the face of fear and anxiety. And it’s the laughter that allows hope to creep back on the inhale.” I’m made up of sarcasm and humor … that’s what keeps me sane and with the constant smile :-)

I Create

I think, I read, I listen but mostly I think, therefore I create. Sometimes, I think without knowing that I’m actually think and I come up with things, illusions, imaginations, realities. In all truth I think creation equals beauty. God created the universe, that just shows you how important creation of any kind is.

I Dream

Big. Yes, I’m a dreamer. I dream in technicolor, sometimes even in 3D and after watching IMAX, you don’t want to know where my dreams are headed. I usually say, dreams are those extended thoughts that exist in your subconscious mind. And seeing as I think a lot and into things, you can try imagine how my dreams are. The kind you wake and you need to look around to see if any bit of it was real, then try to force “sleep” again so that you can continue the dream. *Hands up if you wake up to confirm a dream…lol*

I Believe

I believe, therefore I am. I love the lyrics to that Kanye ft Dwele Song – Flash Lights, “She don’t believe in shooting stars. But she believe in shoes and cars”. Yeah, I believe in realistic things, like God, myself, my work, people, things I work for, things I can and cannot see but in my world exist. Well, I also believe in things that others would think don’t make sense like love, respect, peace among others.

I’m Craving

Two words : Spare Ribs (and I want to eat all I can, Thursday has never looked this far).

Song of the day

Kelly Clarkson has a new one and boy isn’t her music something, love it.

I want and pray

I want stuff to work out, always for the better. I always try to put my best forward in all situations to an extent that sometimes I think positivity is my right wing man.  I pray for love, peace, safety and good health for our people’s. Let us see the beauty in life and learn to have the attitude of gratitude.

Quote of the day

“Close friends contribute to our personal growth. They also contribute to our personal pleasure, making the music sound sweeter, the wine taste richer, the laughter ring louder because they are there” ~ Judith Viorst

HAPPY AFRICA DAY to all my African brothers and sisters, ya’ll are AWESOME. To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Tell Me *About You*

Tell me something about yourself? Tell me more about you? What is that thing about you that others don’t know? What is it that drives you or makes you tick? Blah Blah Blah! … all boils down to who are you and the other person wondering or thinking what they are going to get out of being with you.

*Cringe*… *Shriek* that’s the questions that gives me the shivers. Really ask me about anyone or anything else, and I can write a composition or even go ahead and research, but ask me about me and I go blank *loses signal…tururu*. Like where do I begin, yeah I can narrate for you my CV, the schools I’ve been what I’ve studied, my experience, where I’ve worked and stuff like that. Easy Peasy! Then now, you really want to know what I’m about … now that’s the hard part.

I know at the back of my head who I am … but getting it out is the issue. Do you ever feel like you need to justify something about you. If I say this about me to you , then I need to have back up like yeah, that’s because I do this and that. Let me use a cliche one, like I’m fun loving, I know … but there are factors that should be considered here, such as the environment, people around me, the time, my state and so on.

I just tend to think those questions are so vague. Maybe what I tell you about me is not what you get. Then a light bulb just appears, maybe that’s the essence of the statement “WYSIWYG” – What You See Is What You Get. Sometimes we have certain traits that we don’ know about until a certain situation arises. Personally, I like teasing people that I’m boring just to create a window in case I’m actually boring at that particular time … haha but deep inside I know given that all factors held constant I’m am super interesting.

The point I’m driving home, is we can’t know people by asking them who they are … sometimes you just need to be in their presence to know them, hang out, chit chat, do stuff. Truth be told, if asked those questions I never do justice to myself … if anything I first go blank, and say the most irrelevant things about me or things that I think will make you happy and want to hang around me :p yeah shoot me now! Disclaimer: No lies though … lol

Random thoughts

Why is it that we have solutions to other people problems and we go ahead advice them or know exactly where they are going wrong, judge them and sometimes even condemn them but when it comes to dealing with our own we are so clueless and we don’t want anyone judging us or condemning us or better yet even highlighting them. Maybe it’s just called being human. We know it all for other people, but not for ourselves *sigh*

Do you ever wonder what people think about you when they see you? In the club, in the streets, at the park, as you stroll. I know the first thing I think when I see someone looking at me is especially on the streets is “oh snap! I hope my fly ain’t open”. Like seriously, I could have thought it’s because I’m looking smurfilicious, but nooo, it’s happened one too many times. I think that I need to be confident that it’s because just looking awesome, before I look down. Yeah, I’m shy too … so eye contact kind of gives me the heebie jeebies. I know you just shrugged off the “I’m shy” bit. I can read minds too.

Quote of the day!

Hope y’ll are doing great? Just checking up on you :) Yeah I can be that sweet girl who does that *toot tooooot*

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Smurfully Grateful

Who would have ever thought? I am so excited, I know this is small but I just got to 100,000 hits. You know it amazes me that there’s someone out there who reads my blog … yeah blah blah blah *I can read your mind you know* … I know I have said this over and over again, yeah, sometimes I need to do that for it to actually check in, more like pinch me to know its real kind of thing. Yes, I think about it, I feel lousy when I don’t put up something because of how much I visit other people’s blogs with so much psyche only to find they haven’t posted something … So what are the chances that there’s someone who feels the same about mine.

Then sometimes I wonder if what I write is really worth reading. So much for not believing in myself. Oh my I am so over the roof right now … literally. I am on Flu Gone (meds to eliminate thee flu I’ve got) and it makes me have that floaty feeling, like I’m high and stuff is just flowing from my mind through my heart and to my fingers.

For being able to scream out to the world through my lil’ stupendous blog … it’s actually brought me further than I thought. So for those who threw the seed into fertile land, thank you. At least the seed didn’t let you down, it keeps growing and growing. For those who keep watering the growing plant with random comments, corrections, compliments, thank you. For those who see the plant growing, but don’t understand what the plant is, thanks you for taking some time to try understand. At some point the plant will become a tree and bear fruits and then you will understand what tree is supposed to be. Even the plant does get confused sometimes, it gives very many mixed signals.

There’s no better way to appreciate, I wish I could buy 100,000 sweets and share, but seeing as this is very virtual, thank God … *throws some virtual sweets into the air*. I hope that makes you smile, even when you had nothing else to smile about. If you don’t and you reached this part, you must be faking it. Yes?

Have a smurful day *wink* and God bless you and me much. For me to write more and for you to read and get refreshed and an Amen to that!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*


Saying Out Loud!

It’s so amazing that people get to read my blog and considering it’s the internet, anyone from anywhere can. Where am I getting with this … I have a reader in India. Like really, how cool is that? I wish there was a way that, maybe once a year, bloggers from different countries could have a conference kinda thing where, they meet and interact.

So, Miss. Prathima Gangadhar tagged me in a post “Knock Knock -Surprise“, that asks you to write 7 random facts about you! Plus you get yourself an award’ish … I think she’s pretty cool and I can relate to her posts, check out her blog, “prathi-says“.

So here goes, 7 VERY random facts about me … Things I have never said out loud, but maybe defines me right about now and in case you see me doing some of this stuff, “Thou Shalt NOT Judge“.

  1. I like drinking my tea with a tea-spoon inside the mug … psychologically, it makes the tea taste better for me!
  2. I cut my chapati’s into small pieces and mix it with food while eating, it just makes it easier to eat!
  3. I eat chicken to the bone, even the cartilage, that white thing at the joints. I love chicken!
  4. I don’t know how to ask for major stuff, or rather I find it difficult e.g cash, leave, saying I can’t do something … but for irrelevant things like food, quite easy!
  5. I was never out of love, I just needed some reality checks to know what I really want … now I do and I have you :)
  6. I don’t like dirt. I’m a mini – clean freak sometimes, then I get lazy!
  7. Music speaks to me … loads!

Now to do the honors!

To just but a few bloggers I follow, cool people I must say! —-> Say the 7 most random thing that you have not said a loud yet.

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Lovely Weekend, Lovely People’s … xo!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Moving Out 101 *Ridin’ Solo*

So this was the most amazing, stressful, under pressure, exhilarating weekend I have ever had in my short-lived life. It’s one of those that I always used to say “I can’t wait to do this” —-> Not thinking that the day will eventually come when I have to do it.

As earlier mentioned, I finally man’ed up and moved out of my parent’s nest. I was thinking it won’t be that difficult, I mean we are all in one town anyway and I can go back home anytime I want…Yikes!! That was what I thought, until the day before moving out and I was in such a state, that it got my dad super worried.

To be honest, it felt like I was going back to boarding school, only difference is this time round, I was carrying much more stuff and not being given pocket money…lol … I take back my statement on Experience because now I understand what it means to lack experience. Moving out or Shifting whatever you may like to call it is actually a project…a big project! It requires those three constraints that should be at the tip of your fingers if you do project management: Time, Money and Scope.

At least at the moment when someone asks me “So what’s new?”, I have something to say besides “uuuummm, nothing much really”. My colleague asked me and the first thing to blurt out was “I moved out?”….That’s conversation right there.

The First Day – Of being in my own house can’t even believe I’m actually saying that was rather different, I was very conscious of any movement. Basically, my ears and eyes were super sensitive, that even the movement of a paperbag was scaring the shit outta me. Stupid me, thought of putting music way later *knocks my head* first thing I should’ve done because it makes a huge difference. And then I discovered am a mini-clean freak, in that I could not get any form of sleep (me who’s a sleepy-head) before I was done with putting almost everything in place.

Some things I did, that totally got me excited…

I actually fixed my curtains – I know there’s someone who’s reading and is probably thinking…like really? For me that was an mini-achievement, I’d never done it before and it took me a couple of many minutes to figure which hook goes where.

Fixed Curtain

I prepared my very first meal in my very own house, I settled for the easiest to prepare, which was spaghetti, drumstick and Soya Chunks.

My Very First Home-Made-Meal

So a few things I got to learn while I was moving out for anyone who hasn’t yet moved out and will eventually do, here is a #MovingOut101 for beginners like me:

  • Talk about moving out as much as you can, it keeps sinking into you, than when you do it abruptly. I think I talked about it like 2 months before I eventually did.
  • Write a list of everything you need … I mean everything, even the imaginary ones that you think you cannot afford to buy, just write it down any, it costs you nothing – ps : T.V is still on my list, I believe I’ll get one soon.
  • Check how much money to have to spend and budget wisely, buy according to priority – preferably (although I didn’t do much of that, I happen to buy by impulse)
  • Every time you buy something tick against the list…and keep all your receipts – I am yet to calculate how much I spent. You can do that on one of your idle days, because staying alone even with all the entertainment can get lonely.
  • Plan how you will arrange the stuff in your house, more like an imaginary arrangement, it helps you know what to buy or what to hijack from your parent’s house…hehe your folks never let you go empty handed…I took that advice from someone and true to his word, my mom was pushing everything to me.
  • Pack your own things yourself, so that you have an idea of where everything is, it makes it much easier for you … You can mark the boxes (although I didn’t, yeah I have good memory like that…lol)
  • Organize your own transport … and have plan A and B … in case A is unreliable or doesn’t keep time.
  • Have someone to help you fix the bed, I wouldn’t have done it myself … Thank God for dad, he even gave me a tutorial on how to fix the gas nozzle and tested all my electricals … hehe, you would’ve thought he’s the one who is moving in.
  • Dust the house before arranging stuff, trust me it makes arranging everything fun
  • Then arrange stuff, how you had earlier on thought it out – I slept at 1am having back aches, leg and thigh aches, hand aches…think of all those aches one would have as a result of exhaustion, but at least I know I have settled down.
  • You cannot finish everything all in one sitting, after settling down you now start realizing what you are missing and you keep adding up slowly by slowly.
  • ALWAYS SET YOUR ALARM – If you love sleeping!

See, it’s an actual project, it includes the full planning, designing, executing/implementation …. the only difference is that this one has no closure/termination. Everyday you find things that you have to change, purchase … Plan for *sigh*, but it’s fun in it’s own way.

I never thought at any one point I would be thinking in the morning what I will eat for supper … Tables do Turn!

It’s an exciting venture and I think I’m becoming more mature and grown up by the day. Oh well, I got a change and I’ve embraced it. Though that doesn’t mean I won’t frequent my folks nest…that’s a necessary, especially to get some love and collect food…hehe

Raising my glass, “To Moving out and becoming Miss.Independent”  :)


Preposterous - contrary to nature, reason, or sense; absurd; ridiculous ~~~ I found it quite amusing for no apparent reason, that’s so preposterous! (I hope I used it in the right context??)


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

8 Facts About Me *Randomites*

Oh well, today I woke up and decided since the sun has been shinning, I shall wear a skirt…Gosh aren’t my legs freezing. This sun is playing hide and seek because the day I decide to wear heavy stuff is when it gladly shines and emits some skin burning heat. Damn you sun!

So anyway, it’s about time I got with the program. Was doing my usual visiting of my sizz’s blog Joliea *okay that sound’s so nun’ish* lol but yeah, she’s like my sizz because we share many alike views and she’s my guaranteed reader…haha #ifyouknowwhatimean

Here goes:

All I need is ONE WORD and an IMAGE to come up with a blog post. Yeah I’m just weird like that, I can be so clueless on what to write and I just get one word and build on it.


I love FOOD like real food… Well prepared Chicken is my weakness. I can eat it with anything fries, Rice, Ugali. I love greens as well. The only junk I love is KIT KAT‘s.

I speak in PARABLES, I have to use to use objects to explain my thoughts, if you read my posts you will understand, I use primary, secondary and tertiary colors to come up with black and white #IfYouKnowWhatIMean … In short, I beat around the bush.


I never take time to think of what I’m going to WEAR because chances are that I won’t wear that. I just finish showering and stare at my closet and pick clothes and try to see if it looks good. Then I have to ask my Mum or Sister or sometimes even my Dad how I look…it’s called affirming, can’t stand looking like a clown.

I love SHOES but I can never make myself suffer by wearing stiletto’s or 6-inch heels and struggle walking around town with them to please men. I’ll wear them when I start driving and all I have to do is walk from parking to venue and from venue to parking. Otherwise I shall remain stylish with my flat shoes and sometimes my jelly flats — {Just Understand unless you are buying me a car, or chauffering me around}


I have only ONE SISTER who I think is the coolest ever, I thank God for her every other time and love her to bits. I look at her and see the reflection of the younger me that I was, just waaaay cooler and knows too much for her age.

I LOVE, LAUGH and LIVE – I Love my family and friends (I’m very bad at keeping in touch, but when I meet them I do let them know I love them, miss them and I’m happy they are part of my life) … I Laugh with them, since I’ll look insane laughing with myself (although sometimes  I do when I’m making funny faces on the mirror and pretending to have conversations with my alter ego…haha) … and I Live my life to the fullest (make wrong and right decisions, take risks, tackle issues, enjoy happy and fun moments).

I’m a TYPICAL GIRL with my sometimes moments … refer to this post *SOMETIMES* you’ll get what I’m mean.


Haha those are my 8 randomites about me…there’s much more just I ‘ve gotta stick to the chain. So let me get on to the tagging. Would like to hear from this bloggers:







If not tagged and you wanna do, I can add tags you know *wink*. Get with the program :)


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*