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Weird Girliness

Tis the end of the Octo month, but not the end of creating awareness on cancer and how it can be detected early. Let’s not take these things for granted, I know I also forget. Though, the more we talk about it, it acts as a reminder to many.

It’s Halloween too and am sure enough most of us me included don’t really know what it’s all about. Except the part where there are lots of pumpkins, costume parties, scary stories and the best of all, lots and lots of candy from trick-or-treating. All thanks to movies. That’s one of the main reasons I would love to be where they celebrate. I would probably just dress up like a kid and do kiddy things like go trick-or-treating. A few years ago one of my cousins visited us right after Halloween and she brought us a whole months supply of candy. Am talking mars, snickers, m&m’s, haribo’s and the likes…yumminess galore! (A shout out to Wanja, I still recall).

Halloween is not a culture that’s adopted here, in Kenya I mean. So I won’t even go into it. For us, it’s just another day to be on the grind and hustle. No parties, no candy but there’s always a constant supply of scary stories…lol.

Halloween, Monkey, October

Well, maybe I could take this opportunity to tell you 3 things that I think make me a weirdo girly girl. You know those things that would make you think you’re a girl so you should be into them like the way it’s supposed to be, but I am not.

1. Nail Polish

I have never understood girls obsession with nail polish, this includes my baby sister. I have never been into it, but I have tried to force the trend. I even go ahead and buy the polish that’s in it. Spend between KES 300 – 500 on some good polish and it goes stays on my dresser for a while, say until my sister comes over and does her nails.

I am patient, but I don’t extend my patience to waiting for the polish to dry.

I do lots of miscellaneous housework that involves touching water so I prefer plain trim nails. If the hairdresser insist, I do the colorless polish. I hate how polish looks good when you apply it then smudges, scratches or chips after a few hours or days. That means removing and reapplying … Ai! No need.

2. Make-Up

I just can’t. I have not really tried it on a regular day, say once I tried mascara, which was a massive fail because that means I couldn’t touch or “itch” my eyes. Another thing is, how I dress up in 15-30 mins or less depending on how much I snooze, make up would mean I have to wake up earlier or else it would be Halloween everyday…lol. Or maybe am not yet grown up enough, nothing to conceal, I don’t know. The only time I attempted make up was at my cousin’s wedding, which am sure I’d wiped off by the time the occasion began. Lip-gloss is enough make up for me.

3. Shopping

Yes, it’s retail therapy, ooh some gooood therapy so to say! However, I am more of an impulse buyer than a planned and organised shopper. Every time I plan to go shopping, unless I have involved a dedicated shopper in my plan, that plan goes undone. I do it out of dire need or desperation (I was avoiding that word), but really when I’m like, “I really need shoes or  a coat or …” then I have to go search. In which case, I don’t go looking around much, I probably have a place in mind. It’s like I have some sort of telepathy with whatever it is I want, I don’t have to search long and hard, I just come across it.

Some inspiration for the day. Ooh almost forgot to mention, I love color. At least that one cancels off some weirdo-ness no?

Girl, dreams, plans, ability, woman


Have a beautiful end of month. Take someone out for some shake and cake, scrape off that crave.

Signing Off ~~~ Kawi

Beautiful Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! Such a beautiful one this one, complaints zilch! October should just be a breezy month, crossing fingers to the heavens.



Random Thoughts

Realized long time ago just that it recurred in a different scenario, that if you have a friend(s) who talk bad about others when with you, then chances are that when they’re with others they definitely don’t shed your name in good light. So just be ware of the people you surround yourself with.

Also, don’t compare yourself with others, you are you, they are them. You can use their stories to be an encouragement or a motivation for you but your life’s are different, that’s just what it is. On the same note, not everyone is proud or happy of your achievements. Rejoice with those who are happy for you, and for those who don’t, I mean, still rejoice. Such is life maen!

Clearly this one here is my therapy. Where you say and feel like it’s been heard, it’s like shouting at the rooftop. The beauty of life!

I’m Feeling

Hoping the rays of sunshine reach out to you! Trust me to abuse the collage thing.


This Weekend

Around and about, not a scheduled plan in place. I think from my weekend trends, I’m not quite the planner. Another category that should go down. Thinking of a suitable replacement.

I’m Craving

My colleague has told us about this wild chef. Yaaani … finger licking, tongue wagging, saliva drooling cuisines. He makes you want to get to your kitchen and start trying out the random recipes. Ps: He has classes for all that stuff, where you and your girls pay a certain amount then he comes to one of your houses and you cook a couple of dishes as you learn. The best part is that you can cook as much and he makes sure to tell you, “not to forget your doggy bags”. Good news? No? Yes of course, and I’ve done my good deed of the day.

So girls, girls, girls who wants to do this?…lol could do with some extra cooking skills. I think it’s about time I started cooking things out of the ordinary.


Songs of the Week

Can you believe I really don’t have one *wails* I can’t listen to the new stuff because ummm! Anything that says “entertainment” is blocked. So as usual am just relying on my iPod and it’s just the usual stuff, a lot or rock and pop, a bit of riddims, locals. Someone say depressing, but oh well still surviving, haven’t lost it.

Maybe I should get rid of this section all together, maybe is the word. Let’s see if I can beat my way into the system, if not, it goes. Saved, just got to listen to Solange – Losing You. Not bad huh, and the fashion sense is quite daring…eeh one day! lol

I Want and Pray

Thanking God for keeping my family and friends, safe, healthy and giving them more reasons to smile day in day out. That’s all I want for them, they make life pretty beautiful!

Quote Of The Week


To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*.

Yes, I’m a Girl

So I was doing my blog whoring here and there. Sometimes I just follow links from one blog to another looking for interesting reads. Some which I can relate to, others I can learn from, others I can critic but not loudly, others make me laugh and I’m sure to bookmark them. I am easy to please, so some become my favorites and every now and then I go back.

There’s this poem like thing going round the internet, “Yes, I’m a girl”. Actually saw it at this blog and later in some fan pages. It totally got me, because from the 1st to last, that’s so me.

Yes, I’m a girl.

I push doors that clearly say pull.

I laugh harder when I try to explain why i’m laughing.

I walk into a room and forget why I was there.

I count on my fingers in maths.

I hide the pain from my loved ones.

I say it is a long story when it’s really not.

I cry a lot more than you think I do.

I try to do things before the microwave beeps.

I listen to you when you don’t listen to me.

And a hug will always help.

Yes, I am a girl

Then after reading, of course I felt like adding others in as much as I thought what’s said basically sums it all up … but being a girl, there’s always much more … lol

Yes, I’m a girl

I ask why even when I know the reason

I say “it’s okay” when it’s really not okay

I say give me a minute when I actually mean 15 minutes or more

I stare at my wardrobe for ages before deciding what to wear

I’m a blubber when excited and keep quiet when sad

I think and act with my heart

My brain comes into play when it’s a bit too late

I say I don’t know when I actually know

The smallest of things get to me

I can go from normal to not so normal in a matter of seconds

I read manuals because I’m clueless

I wait for you to call me or text me first

I keep checking my phone or waiting for a beep once I click ‘send’

I hide behind my colors

If I forget, it was not out of choice

Sometimes I don’t say what I mean, but I mean what I say it’s supposed to confuse you

I have a lot running through my head

I cannot capture my thoughts in a simple sentence

Sometimes just a hug and a smiley face will do

Love makes my world go round

Yes, I’m a girl


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Girlfriends *Irreplaceable*

When we were kids, and anti-boys we would have girl cliques, girl sports, girl stuff going on but as we grow older and older, it all starts to fade … we get boyfriends and new friends (who are mostly boys) … and somehow we all go separate ways. No meeting, no pep talk chats , no small girl cliques, no being there for each other, no more stupid stunts … the boys take more priority in our lives.

I am not excluding myself from this category because I’m one of those girls who’ve done that. Truth be told I learnt my lessons the hard way, but I’m glad I did. Boyfriends are IMPORTANT, I love mine and they can be your everything but really not EVERYTHING, there’s that thing he doesn’t have * HE’S NOT A GIRL*. From my experience, the thing I always said to myself, “Kawi, never disown your friends because of your boyfriend”. The best way to do that, was to make an introduction, and make him meet them so that they can also be friends (thank God it wasn’t so hard, because he’s the friendly kind), then he would appreciate and be okay when I’m with them because they’re an important part of my life.

For my girlfriends,

There are those girly stupid things you want to do but you cannot do them alone and you cannot drag your boyfriend to do, that’s just unfair and today I just want to say, “I thank God for My Girlfriends.”

I might not be the first person they call when they have something going on *good or bad*, maybe they don’t even remember I exist at that moment, but at least when I join them, I feel like the thing I was missing has been found, and it just feels good to be with them. And during this weekend, is when it got me thinking, that honestly, I’m gonna be there for my girlfriends when they need me or at least I will always try to.


You will meet up for coffee, lunch, dinner and you will start off where you left off … it’s like you’ve always been there, there’s no awkwardness of any sort, no shyness, no pretending … you are just happy and just you.

With men, there’s that awkwardness … there’s the I need to pull myself together, what am I going to wear, how do I look, what do I say … I hope it doesn’t go wrong … yaddi-yadda vibes.


They will cry with you when you are going through a terrible time or at least they’ll sympathize with you and tell you it’s going to be alright because they have experienced the same, if not going through the same thing — Girls are the ones who help you out of a situation, they are the ones who talk some sense into you…which if a guy tried, he will know better not to…lol

“A good friend is cheaper than therapy”  ~Author Unknown

Cry in front of a guy and he’ll be embarrassed and confused … get yourself together maen! Sympathy … ummm men? *say something*, talk sense … by the time you’re reaching there chances are that you will be considered to be whining a bit too much.


They will love you for who you are, even if you’re bitchy or being a bum, they will tell you, you are bitching and being a bum, and feel like there’s no love lost.

“You can always tell a real friend:  when you’ve made a fool of yourself he doesn’t feel you’ve done a permanent job”  ~Laurence J. Peter

Mr.man try tell a girl she’s being bitchy *OK, don’t try, unless you want your eye gorged out*


If you’ve gained weight or lost weight they’ll be open with you  … “Chic, you’ve gained so much weight, what are you feeding?” … sounds quite simple, wait until a man says it … hehe

“Cherish the friend who tells you a harsh truth, wanting ten times more to tell you a loving lie”  ~Robert Brault,


They always have 411 about everything and in detail … so you can sit for hours, talking about who’s doing what, going where, seeing who, doing who … lol, but really, I wouldn’t call that gossip, it’s just updating our databases, of what going on everywhere.

It just looks bad on a guy going on and on about irrelevant stuff *read very relevant to us*


Going for shopping … you can drag a girlfriend through the whole market or mall looking for something that you will eventually not get and you will get everything that you had intended not to get and you know what? That’s no big deal, because she gets you, because she has probably done the same.

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Men and shopping … that’s synonymous to torture unless you have identified something you are going to collect it and pay … otherwise it’s not going to go down so well. You’ll either end up arguing or buying something just to avoid the look :p


You can do sleep overs … sit, drink, watch movies, beautify thy selves (nails and what not), chat in between movies (that guy is hot, this one is … bleh, bleh, bleh) and it’s fun and mostly theraputic.

haha you wish … No, I’m not describing a sleep-over at a guys house.


They will give you all the psyche you need to go for parties, make you dance like a mad woman … even if you had loudly and clearly declared how much you don’t want to party or you’re tired… they know how to get to your nerves the right way.

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.  It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.  We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit”  ~Albert Schweitzer

You’re tired and you don’t want to party … ” okay, you can stay at home, then I’ll go out, have fun and I’ll find you here” … that’s a guy for you. He just got to your nerves the wrong way.


When they see that you need them, even if without saying, they will come running to make sure you’re handling it alright. They see you and they know something’s not right and they try to make it right.

“If a friend is in trouble, don’t annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do.  Think up something appropriate and do it” ~Edgar Watson Howe

Well, I can’t say men don’t, they do, if you have a connection, they will notice and do something about it. Otherwise, you will have to tell them what you want and how you want it, or you’ll just have to dream on.


Those are the friends I have so far … and that’s why I thank God for them, I have learned a lot from them; I have learnt to be reliable, available, trustworthy, imaginative, quick to grasp stuff, capture inside jokes, keep time #iTry and most of all, have so much love!

I won’t name and shame them, because even if I do, not all of them read my blog :p *lame excuse* but if you read you’ll just know. I have girlfriends from everywhere, at least you’re one if I meet with we start off from where we left off. Some old, some new … but all together, I appreciate you all, and I really thank God for you, and may you all find all the happiness and be full of love to spread and share to all those who need it.

TO THE MEN —> We women, cannot do without you, you make life beautiful and thank you for being there … We thank God for you too and may you have all the love, so that you can love us girls to bits and treat us like the princesses we are. But on that note, don’t deny your girlfriends time with their girlfriends … they are IMPORTANT too. Fair?

It’s weird how, “Men kick friendship around like a football, but it doesn’t seem to crack.  Women treat it like glass and it goes to pieces”  ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh , just read the quote and figured that is so true … hehe men are lucky bastards (in a good way though, if you know what I mean.)


“A good friend is a connection to life – a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world” ~Lois Wyse

“The best way to mend a broken heart is time and girlfriends” ~ Gwyneth Paltrow

Signing Off  ~~~ *Kawi*