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Guest Post: Rabbi

As promised, I managed to convince my baby sister (Clara) to give me one her poetry pieces for you to read. Sometimes I have a look at them and all I can say is, WOW!



Confused and alarming frenzy

Gave up my all in the offing

Blinded by ambition and purpose

Divided through trials and tribulations

Beyond the process of authenticating

You bring me this

I beg not to differ

For thy knows what is best for I

But Rabbi,

Take one last look at this damsel

Broken to bits left for the bull

Dark day’s instant nights

Forsake bread and butter for the cause

Do away with chaos

None the less despair

I thought Rabbi had colossal clemency

Enough to pick up dumped trash

Enough to respond to gloating me

Take not my will for it is all I am left with

No man has an iota what you are about

But I have a hint

Sixteen years strong

Now I know better

You are no vending machine

No automated teller machine

Hold your stallions tame your lion

Count your blessings the rest discard

The darkness will turn iridescent

For what Rabbi can do, can make karma compromise.

Author ~ Clara Rincuni

You Are Special

Did I ever say that poetry kinda lost itself somewhere along the family line … Oh well, I was clearly quite wrong. Seeing as my baby sister *read baby* Clara, has poetry running up her sleeves. I happened to read one of the many she has, seeing as I’m not big on poems…and I was overtaken by emotion, like extremely stocked by the fact that she can actually write so well. So I literally begged her, if I could at least do a guest post…with her poem being the one featured on it…no I did not bully her….she let me willingly…lol

Here goes;

You Are Special

Being set on speed dial ain’t normal

Nor is a polo shirt formal

But you’re a part of me that without I can’t go on

You helped me tell bad stuff so long

And build up my morals

A sitting soldier may be sent A-wall

But a loyal one is adorned

Like you, you gave your all

So that in the cold I’d be warm

You taught me difference of right and wrong

Loving me you never adjourned

And for that you are special.


You taught me all about Jesus

And I remember my first pair of adidas

Long before the invention of sneakers

In my blood veins flows your pictures

My memories filled with your impact

Dad, never did your goals retrack

Nor mum your love retract

Whenever I need anything or feedback

To your side I’ll run back

Because I know you got my back

I just want you to know you are special.


Though for now you are away

I keep texting everyday

But I guess its nature so I must obey

My value for you will never fade

But everyday it grows in a way that is positive

And I’m damn sure that

You are a part of me that’s special.


Yeah this was a poem to Mum and Dad … Too sweet, if she’s writing this at 15 … I wonder what she will write at 23. At least I see talent in the making; I bet I’ll just try doing my best to nature it. Maybe I should introduce her to Wamathai.com …or uuuuummmm…hahaha, maybe later.



Signing Off  ~~~ *Kawi*


A smile is beautiful

In my attempt to write anything poetic… I was bored over lunch and decided:

Step 1: Pick a word of something about you or that which you love doing

Step 2: Write something about it…more like a poem’ish

Step 3: Post it no matter how lame it sounds…lol

PS: This was the result.

Smile, because you have every reason to,

You have been given life and life in abundance

It’s a way of appreciating it without trying too much

It doesn’t cost a thing to smile.

Even if you’re going through turmoil,

There is probably someone going through worse than you are

Smile and show them that everything is going to be okay

With God nothing is impossible; all you have to do is believe.

A smile is natural, it’s fulfilling and beautiful

It brings out the beauty in a person

It reveals a part of you, which otherwise we wouldn’t know

It makes you look worthy, trustable and honest

For what more would a stranger want from you besides a warm hearty smile?

Saying you’re welcome to be a friend

Or a friend, saying I am always there for you.

A smile means much more than meets the eye

It has its meaning in-depth,

But the bottom line is, a smile is beautiful.


Everyone can make you SMILE, but not everyone can make you HAPPY.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*