The Power Of Association.

Throughout my life I have always tried to maintain two key qualities; not judging anyone based on their background and maintaining humility. I definitely have my parents to thank for instilling and being great examples of those qualities. Having grown up in Kenya, I have always thought of myself more as a Kenyan than an…

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What’s not to Love about Love?

I hope you had a great weekend? Mine was beautiful, because it ended beautifully. I spent Sunday with family (aunties, uncles and cousins) kicking stories and catching up on the latest over food and beverages. I was hosting them for the first time in our house and it feels so warm now. I was so…

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Can You Say You Completely Know Someone?

Hello there! How’s your Monday? Well, mine started interestingly. I had mini-insomnia yester-night. Perhaps the problem could be that I slept a little earlier than usual in the hope that I’ll wake up early. It’s a real struggle. Then in the middle of the night, I found myself eyes wide open and with no sleep…

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Thinking about Friendship.

I’m the kind of person who would repeatedly beat myself up over what kind of friend I am to my friends. Do you ever do this to yourself? Normally, I would tend to feel that I am not there yet as a model friend at least based on the observation I’ve made with people who…



I’ve decided to do a post based on a one-word prompt, because writer’s block! Then I remember a certain author trashing the whole ‘writer’s block’ concept. I felt targeted, but appreciated the gesture in equal measure. It always seems like a perfect excuse to not challenge your mind and just let it laze in the comfort…

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What Does It Take For You To Laugh?

When they said, ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ it truly is. Sometimes it’s through that deep belly laugh that your nerves calm down, that you feel like your stress has been watered down, even if for a moment, that you can breathe proper again or that pent up pressure in your tummy has just been released. But what does it take for you to laugh?