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What Does It Take For You To Laugh?

When they said, ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ it truly is. Sometimes it’s through that deep belly laugh that your nerves calm down, that you feel like your stress has been watered down, even if for a moment, that you can breathe proper again or that pent up pressure in your tummy has just been released. But what does it take for you to laugh?


The Uncomfortable Comfort Zone.

Have you ever felt a certain kind of discomfort that ceaselessly bothers you? It shoves you and nags you so much so that you feel like you have to do something about it. It reminds you that you’re settled in your comfort zone and you need to get out of it so that you can experience some more or so that your environs can be able to accommodate your growth.

In the Spirit of Decluttering

In the Spirit of Decluttering.

You grow up, whether you like it or not, and it just continues to happen. If you don’t catch up fast enough it gets you to a really complicated place, but when you adjust accordingly it gets you closer to the place you aspire to be. Time doesn’t give you space to breath, it just…

New Year, Reflections, 2016

2016 Is My Mango Tree.

Dear Snipper,
I am wishing you a genuinely happy New Year. Go pick those mangoes, I hear that they get sweeter and juicier the longer they stay up there, so don’t worry when you don’t get there sooner than you wanted. And whatever the state, keep trying until you get the sweetest of them all, because you deserve it. I love that you’ve been with me through 2015, 2016 just gets better. Be blessed.