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Why The Holiday Cheer Still Fascinates Me.

To say this year has flown by would be an understatement, it felt like nothing short of a rocket launch. One moment you’re wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year, very hopeful that it will be a kick-ass year bearing lots of positive change, because it’s 2016. Then next you’re trying to figure out…

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Do You Think Chapatis are Overrated?

When growing up we would religiously eat chapatis every Saturday. Without fail. It was an ideal meal for that weekend evening, because then it would serve as breakfast on Sunday, and lunch as well. It used to be served with Ndengu stew. So over time, it became just another meal for the weekend for me.


Dance to Your Own Music.

“Dance to your own music. Even when you feel like you have two left legs or you feel like your tune is different from those around you. When do so, those around you will feel your rhythm and they will dance to your tune, because if they’ve stayed around you long enough, your tunes become aligned.”

Moving Day

When It Comes To Be.

Sometimes we have desires and we truly want them to come to be, we pray about them every day, we wish for them every day, but what happens when they actually come to be. Are you ready to handle that which you desire? As you desire, start planning around it too, so that when it comes to be, because it’s just a matter of time, it finds you ready.

Enjoy the Process, Dreams

A Constant Reminder to Enjoy the Process.

I keep reminding myself time and time again that I need to enjoy the process. The process in this case being the paths that I take to realize my goals. You know, enjoy the path that I am currently on, the views on it and the experience of being in it before taking the next…