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A Picture of Contentment.

Have you ever pondered over what makes you content? If your life was set up like a 24 hour glass (which technically it is, but let’s gamify to make it a little more interesting that it seems), and you were asked that in those 24 hours you’ve been given the opportunity to do the things…


Why I Still Believe.

Lately, I have been honored to share moments with most of the people who are working so hard to rebuild and restore Chase Bank to its former glory. Perhaps to an even more stable and stronger institution than it ever was. And as I listened to them and watched them, I was able to visualize it and…

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When Pride Comes Before a Fall.

You know those proverbial sayings that don’t make so much sense to you, because the last time you actually used them was when you were in primary school writing compositions and it was either the topic or the conclusion to your ‘made up’ story. But growing up, I have come to embrace many of these…

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Part Three: What First Impression Do You Make?

On the previous post, I to some extent defined who this millennial is from my point of view. Now, when you meet with someone for the very first time, what are some of the basic things you anticipate to know about them? Is it their name, what they do and where they do it? And let’s say…

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What You Studied Vs What Work You Currently Do.

You would be surprised by the number of people who don’t see the correlation between these two or if they do, it doesn’t really apply, because their work is not based on what they studied, rather on where their passion (or heart) lead them or where the opportunity presented itself. It would be great to know whether what you currently do (work) is directly related to what you studied.