Do You Take Expiry Dates Seriously?

There’s a place I was reading that adulting is constantly reminding each other how tired and stressed out you are, because you legit always are. Responsibilities befalling you left right and center. Just when you think you’re done with one, another one crops up with an even greater magnitude than the previous one. You’re constantly…

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Tunnel Vision: Let’s Talk About Failure.

So what happens when you’re in a tunnel and you cannot see the light at the end of it? You acquire some tunnel vision. When you feel like you have failed in a certain fragment of your life, whether work, marriage, school, friendships, name it, sometimes by your own doing and other times by things out of your control; it’s not the end of the road. You’ve just gotten to the bit of the road where there’s a tunnel, and if you keep moving – as dark as it may be, as tough as it may be, as scary as it may be, as closed up it may be, if you keep moving, you will pass through it and it will open you up to more opportunities that lie ahead.

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Very Awake in September.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I dig September. It’s that month for me, my crush month. And no, it’s not my birthday month, mine’s way back in February, the love month. However, it’s my parents anniversary (today, yes today and I’m so happy for them, 32 years and always going strong … fine…

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Can You Say You Completely Know Someone?

Hello there! How’s your Monday? Well, mine started interestingly. I had mini-insomnia yester-night. Perhaps the problem could be that I slept a little earlier than usual in the hope that I’ll wake up early. It’s a real struggle. Then in the middle of the night, I found myself eyes wide open and with no sleep…

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A Picture of Contentment.

Have you ever pondered over what makes you content? If your life was set up like a 24 hour glass (which technically it is, but let’s gamify to make it a little more interesting that it seems), and you were asked that in those 24 hours you’ve been given the opportunity to do the things…