The Power Of Association.

Throughout my life I have always tried to maintain two key qualities; not judging anyone based on their background and maintaining humility. I definitely have my parents to thank for instilling and being great examples of those qualities. Having grown up in Kenya, I have always thought of myself more as a Kenyan than an…

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Can You Say You Completely Know Someone?

Hello there! How’s your Monday? Well, mine started interestingly. I had mini-insomnia yester-night. Perhaps the problem could be that I slept a little earlier than usual in the hope that I’ll wake up early. It’s a real struggle. Then in the middle of the night, I found myself eyes wide open and with no sleep…

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When Pride Comes Before a Fall.

You know those proverbial sayings that don’t make so much sense to you, because the last time you actually used them was when you were in primary school writing compositions and it was either the topic or the conclusion to your ‘made up’ story. But growing up, I have come to embrace many of these…



I’ve decided to do a post based on a one-word prompt, because writer’s block! Then I remember a certain author trashing the whole ‘writer’s block’ concept. I felt targeted, but appreciated the gesture in equal measure. It always seems like a perfect excuse to not challenge your mind and just let it laze in the comfort…

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Real Talk: In My Teens.

Putting religion aside (although it’s a part of who I am), I figured when you’re going through any kind of challenge, it helps to know who you are. To know what you’re capable of, to know the value you add to the world just by being you, to know what to believe in and to simply know that you’re on a journey and everything that happens, happens for a reason.